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Junior Eurovision 2021: Armenia

The Aussievision team have listened and ranked all Junior Eurovision songs and we have our final rankings. Armenia have finished in first place! Congratulations Armenia and Maléna!

Details, individual rankings and comments below.

The entry

Maléna - 'Qami Qami'

The talented 14-year-old Maléna is also a songwriter and plays the cello. Maléna participated in the Armenian national selection for the competition four years ago. She was originally representing Armenia at Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2020, however Armenia withdrew from the Contest.

For the 2021 Contest, Maléna was internally chosen as the Armenian representative. 'Qami Qami' translates in English to 'Wind Wind' and was co-written by Maléna.

The Aussievision team rankings

  • 1st - Emma

  • 1st - Hayley

  • 1st - Josh

  • 1st - Kyriakos

  • 1st - Hugo

  • 2nd - Tim

  • 3rd - Cooper

  • 4th - Craig

  • 4th - Steve

  • 6th - Dale

  • 6th - Mike

  • 8th - Laura

  • 9th - Ford

  • 17th - Estelle

The comments

A contemporary sounding radio friendly track that should appeal to all demographics. This wouldn't be out of place at the adult version of the competition and I could easily see Maléna at Eurovision in a few year's time. ~ Emma

Maléna's 'Qami Qami' is the best Junior Eurovision song I have ever heard. I am addicted to it. The production is expensive and slick. I struggled in the beginning about whether or not this is a Junior Eurovision song, and just like the Eurovision Song Contest evolves so should Junior. Also amazing music video, even if it looks like Sheldon Riley's 2018 performance of 'Young and Beautiful' on The Voice Australia. My 12 points! ~ Kyriakos

Wow - just wow. This is incredible! This is slick, contemporary, and very grown up! The video clip reminds me of Athena 2020 and I think this is worthy of playing in the big league. This is very, very impressive and a stand out winner for me. JESC will be going to Armenia in 2022. Without a doubt. ~ Hayley

What a standout track. Every year in Junior Eurovision there is the odd song that sounds like it could slay in the main contest and here we are. Ethereal breathy vocals and the dark pop production give this song a dreamy yet persistent vibe. This is my winner. ~ Josh

This is just an absolute banger. When listening to this, I completely forgot this was for JESC, the song is composed and produced so well, and such a professional delivery. The ethereal-like vocal mixing adds another element, and that bass beat holds the song together. I really hope this can be delivered live; adults will respect this entry, and this is on brand with what younger people are listening to these days. ~ Hugo

Armenia has gone all out this year. It sounds incredibly radio friendly, and I think this will be very popular with the Eurovision fans. It may however stumble when it comes to connecting with the show's audience due to it being so unique to the show but regardless, this is an instant classic. ~ Tim

God damn this song! A moody, club beat entry isn't something you'd expect at JESC at all but it's exceptional. I'm a massive fan of this type of song so I'm all for it. Is it too mature for a kid based contest? Maybe, but we'll see how it fares because this is 'top ten at the adult contest' quality. ~ Cooper

Armenia at Junior Eurovision

Armenia's participation at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2021 will mark their fourteenth appearance. Amongst some of the more successful competing nations, Armenia have seven top three finishes under their wing, including a win at the 2010 Contest with Vladimir Arzumanyan's 'Mama'.

Despite being included on the list of participating countries for the 2020 Contest, Armenia withdrew from the competition due to the ongoing Nagorno-Karabakh war at the time.

Armenia have had the honour of hosting the Junior Eurovision Song Contest on one occasion, back in 2011 following their win the year before, hosted at the Karen Demirchyan Complex by Gohar Gasparyan and Avet Barseghyan.

Article contributions by Hayley

Aussievision team's Junior Eurovision 2021 rankings

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