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Junior Eurovision 2021: Bulgaria

The Aussievision team have listened and ranked all Junior Eurovision songs and we have our final rankings. Bulgaria have unfortunately finished in nineteenth place. Details, individual rankings and comments below.

The entry

Denislava and Martin - 'Voice of Love'

Bulgaria is being represented at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2021 by 12-year-old Denislava and 13-year-old Martin as the duo Deni and Marti. The two singers are from the town of Dobrich, which helped to partially fund Bulgaria's participation in the contest this year.

Both Deni and Marti are animal lovers and have entered many singing competitions together, and have won several awards.

Their song, 'Voice of Love', was written by both Bulgarian and Macedonian songwriters and producers, including North Macedonian Eurovision representative Vasil Garvanliev. The entry was created by Ligna Studios, who helped to create Bulgaria's entries for both the 2020 and 2021 Eurovision Song Contest.

The Aussievision team rankings

  • 10th - Emma

  • 10th - Estelle

  • 16th - Hayley

  • 16th - Laura

  • 17th - Craig

  • 17th - Josh

  • 17th - Tim

  • 18th - Cooper

  • 18th - Steve

  • 19th - Dale

  • 19th - Ford

  • 19th - Hugo

  • 19th - Kyriakos

  • 19th - Mike

The comments

An enthusiastic and emotive performance from Denislava and Martin. This is well produced and both have strong voices that blend well together. Should transfer well to the stage. ~ Emma

Denislava and Martin have beautiful voices, and 'Voice of Love' gives them the opportunity to demonstrate impressive vocal control over some difficult passages and harmonies. Sadly, though, this song never really gets out of first gear. It's very cute and Disney-esque, as one might expect for a song by Vasil (North Macedonia 2021), but alas, there's a few Disney ballads competing this year and this is not the most memorable of them. ~ Craig

This is a great song vocally! Both Denislava and Martin sound incredible and would do outstanding if it were a singing contest, but unfortunately the song is just a bit too slow for my vote. ~ Tim

I admire their vocals. Maybe not as contemporary sounding as I would like, very early 2000's, but it would work well in an animated Disney film about a princess. ~ Kyriakos

Bulgaria at Junior Eurovision

This year marks Bulgaria's seventh participation in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

They first entered in 2007, but withdrew after the 2008 Contest when they finished last. They returned once in 2011, before returning once more in 2014, where they received their best placing at the contest, coming second. This year marks Bulgaria's return following them withdrawing following the 2016 Contest.

Bulgaria have had the honour of hosting the Contest once, back in 2015, after Italy chose not to host following their 2014 win.

"The entry" and "Bulgaria at Junior Eurovision" written by Ford

Aussievision Podcast - Junior Eurovision 2021 Preview

Our bonus preview episode of Junior Eurovision 2021 is out. We run through the Contest, the top 3 songs from the Aussievision team and make predictions.

Listen to it on Apple Podcasts here:

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