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Aussievision began in 2017 as a podcast recorded with just an iPhone and a bottle of wine. Since then it has grown into a multi-season podcast, a rolling news site and a presence across social media channels to bring everything associated with the Eurovision song contest to Australians all year round. With that growth, we are growing and are adding more contributors and members to our team. Below is our team and main contributors. 

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Aussievision team

Mike - @mikeyjj

Mike first saw Eurovision back in the 80s when a friend’s Yugoslav mum loved watching the contest. He was strangely fascinated by country’s competing  but it wasn’t till more recently when his obsession began. A fan of the traditional, Mike is won over by a classic pose, a white outfit or just generally any Russian entry or Italian diva. He started Aussievision with Dale in 2017 after going to the contest in 2016 and again in 2018.  With a love of languages, Mike is our pronunciation expert and can get by in Italian, Spanish or Russian. His favourite entry of all time is ‘Everyway That I Can’ but can often be found performing the full routine to Aisel’s ‘X My Heart’ at any Eurovision party. 

Dale - @ozdale

Dale was introduced to the contest through Gina G’s ‘Ooh ahh… just a little bit’ in 1996 but couldn’t watch the contest for several years because SBS wasn’t broadcast to his town in North Queensland. Living in the UK during the 2000s due to his Welsh heritage, Dale developed his obsession with the contest and an affinity with the United Kingdom. His journey continued through dressing as Scooch, hosting parties with compulsory voting and then attending the contest for the first time in 2016.  He has since gone on to start Aussievision with Mike, attend the contest in 2018 and win the inaugural OGAE Australia lip sync championship performing one his all time favourites, Sergey Lazarev's ‘You Are the Only One’.

Liv - @eurovisionmate

Liv is known to many on Twitter and is one of Australia’s most passionate fans. Introduced to the contest while at her Nonna and Nonno’s house back in 2003, that Italian heritage still comes through in her support for the nation (almost) every year. It is however Liv’s fascination with Romania that many fans will know her for, even learning the language which comes in handy every National Final season. Liv also has a soft spot for the Irish - she is the biggest fan of Nicky Byrne’s ‘Sunlight’ and her favourite Eurovision entry of all time is 1996 winner ‘The Voice’. When not obsessing over Eurovision, Liv can be found working in a Radiology department, riding horses (including ‘Tony’ who is known to many Eurovision fans) and playing hockey.

Kyriakos - @kyriakotsin

Kyriakos was introduced to the contest by his Greek radio presenter grandfather with an early memory being Antique’s 3rd place effort at the 2001 contest. But it was a Turkish entry, Sertab Erener’s “Everyway That I Can” that got him truly became hooked. His heritage however saw him always support Greek and Cypriot entries and he was lucky enough to see the golden age of Greece in the 2000s and into the early 2010s. They had countless top 10s and a win in 2005 with Helena Paparizou’s “My Number One”. His obsession with Eurovision grew with Australia’s appearance and has become even more involved with contest, the national finals and the OGAE club. Although Euphoria is his all-time favourite song, Rodolfo Chikilicuatre’s “Baila el Chiki-chiki” normally gets a run at a party if someone lets him near the music. 

Fleur - @fleurmenezes

On a Sunday back in 1986 a young Fleur obsessed with flags, maths and music stumbled across the contest and was sold immediatley.  Fleur is of Portuguese, Danish, Irish, English, German and French heritage but her favourite countries in the contest are Moldova and Estonia. The obsession is shared among her Melbourne based family and they put more effort into Eurovision than into Christmas. Fleur is a committee member of the OGAE Australia Fan Club where her two sons are also members.


From the UK originally Steve was introduced to the contest while seeing Bucks Fizz perform ‘Makin’ Your Mind Up’ on family holidays. He got into the contest more during his teens and was lucky enough to enjoy a British victory way back in 1997. After a decade of hosting Eurovision parties he migrated to Australia in the 2010s and has since become very much ‘Team Australia’. He is Ausseivision’s resident linguist being a full-time translator with fluency in French and German while his Italian, Spanish and Dutch is also pretty top notch. Steve has appeared on several Aussievision podcasts and travelled with Dale and Mike to both the 2016 and 2018 contests. He does love a powerful diva with his favourite tracks including ‘Rise Like a Phoenix’, ‘Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi’ and ‘Take Me To Your Heaven’ 

Laura - @laurovision

Laura from Melbourne was introduced to the contest in 2009 when she watched the contest as part of her French homework. She was immediately captivated by the contest and also dealt her first devastation when Yohanna lost to Alexander Rybak. Although a French speaker and of Italian heritage, Laura’s favourite Eurovision nations are Estonia and Ukraine (other than Australia of course). A former OGAE Australia committee member, Laura can be seen at every party and event bringing great energy to the occasion plus a few hair flips to Fuego and some moves to ‘Wild Dances’. It’s not all bangers for Laura though, as many from Twitter will know her as being a big fan of Latvia’s 2091 entry, ‘That Night’.

Emma  - @asha_76

Emma first came across the contest from her Year 9 Italian teacher, but it wasn’t until she met her future husband years later that she would truly get hooked. He had become a fan after stumbling across it on SBS and seeing “Love Shine a Light” win and from then on they both watched it religiously every year. Although Emma is half-Scottish, it has no influence over her favourites which are Moldova and the Scandinavian entries (Including her all-time favourite ‘Heroes’). Emma has made an appearance on Aussievision podcasts in the past and was also the inaugural winner of the Aussievision Eurovision Tipping Competition (so she knows her stuff). With two primary school aged children, a visit to the contest may be a few years off but she intends to get there when the stars align.

Alyce - @ally_ace98

Alyce is a recent convert to the contest after the 2016 where Australia gallantly finished as runner-up. From Irish heritage she patriotically supports the nation just as much as she does with Australia. Despite the more recent discovery her favourite Eurovision song of all time is 2004 winner ‘Wild Dances’. Outside of Eurovision Ally is a budding journalist and sports commentator covering Women’s AFL in particular. 

Aaron - @Aaron_AB12

Aaron was introduced to Eurovision by his friends and teacher during high school with Moldova’s 2011 entry Zdob si Zdub grabbing his attention. Aaron is known among Eurovision fans for two passions – rock music and Hungary. He runs a rock-themed fan song contest and is always passionate about Hungary’s entrant – something he will have to take a break from this year. Some of his favourite songs of all time include Silent Storm, Unsubstantial Blues, Leave Me Alone and Kinek mondjam el vetkeimet? When he’s not following Eurovision you can find him following most sports including cricket, AFL and soccer.

Ruby - @RubyIzzyDaly

Ruby is a recent but passionate convert to the contest. On a fateful Sunday morning she stumbled upon her parents watching the 2015 Grand Final and was hooked. She became a huge fan of ‘Grande Amore’, stunned by the staging, music and drama of it all. When not enamoured by Italian tenors, Ruby generally goes for any classical or rock Eurovision entry. When not listening to Eurovision you might find Ruby lipsyncing along to Miki's 'La Venda', WITH trombone!


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