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Aussievision team: Tim

Name and where you live

My name is Tim, I live in Windsor in Western Sydney with my cat, Lucy. I've lived here my entire life with the exception of living in Paris for a few months in 2019 for Study Abroad.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I currently just work in a small manufacturing company for home fragrances ( Scented Candles, Reed diffusers etc.) but I'm hoping to progress to a corporate job somewhere in the city with my Arts and Global Studies degree.

I'm also a huge test cricket fan to the point where I could watch a game for five days straight easily. I also barrack for North Queensland Cowboys in the NRL, Sydney Swans in the AFL and a recent fan of Formula One where I support Daniel Ricciardo and McLaren.

Outside of sports, I love to listen to comedy podcasts and occasionally go for a walk. Something I'd love to do in the future is to go on an Ashes tour of England and to see the Northern Lights in Iceland.

What is your Eurovision journey?

I can very vaguely remember watching the second semi-final on the Saturday night from 2010 with John Lillygreen from Cyprus and the last three songs from that semi-final but I really started to get into Eurovision when Australia started participating in 2015.

I was spending the weekend at my Uncle's house, to help with some odd jobs around the place, who was a casual Eurovision fan and I was roped into watching the second semi-final on Saturday night. I can distinctly remember watching most of the songs with a sense of 'wow, these songs are actually pretty good' and was really impressed with the quality of Sweden and Slovenia. The next night, I watched the entire final and was completely converted from that point onwards. The money I earned from helping my Uncle went straight to buying the CD for the 2015 Eurovision.

Since then, I've gone back and watched all the contests back to 2006 and at one point I was counting down the hours till the next years contest from a year back. Each year I think my love for Eurovision grows stronger.

Do you have any affinity to nations other than Australia?

I do have a love for Slovenia. Seeing that it was one of the first nations to compete in the 2015 final in Vienna, I recognised it from the previous night and instantly loved 'Here For You' and Maraaya. I do also love nations that do their own thing for Eurovision so I'll include Portugal and Georgia as some of my favourite nations.

Any Aussievision highlights?

I've only been working for Aussievision since July 2021 but some of the highlights have included giving my rankings and voice recordings for some of the national finals and this years contest and also helping to contribute to an awesome bunch of Australian Eurovision fans. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend 'Australia Decides' this year but I'm hoping to be able to make it next year.

Quick Questions on Eurovision Entries:

Best Winner:

'Amar pelos dois' (Portugal 2017)

Favourite non-Australian entries:

'Unsubstantial Blues' (Hungary 2007), 'O mie' (Moldova 2013) and 'Hatrið mun sigra' (Iceland 2019)

Favourite Australian Entry:

'Don't Break Me' by Montaigne

Favourites from the last century:

'Apres toi' (Luxembourg 1972) and 'Hold Me Now' (Ireland 1987)


I still find it hard to believe that Francesca Michielin only came 16th. Surely that song deserves better. Also 'Moustache' came last ??!!!

Makes you dance:

'This Is The Night' (Malta 2012) and 'Say Yay' (Spain 2016). One day I will master the foot swivel dance to both songs

Guilty Pleasure:

'Moustache' (France 2014) and 'Help You Fly' (Belarus 2016). I can honestly say I still enjoy these in 2022.

Favourite non-qualifiers:

'The Way You Are' (Denmark 2015), 'Blackbird' (Finland 2017) and 'Øve os på hinanden' (Denmark 2021).

Favourite national final:

Australia Decides, EMA (Slovenia) and of course Melodifestivalen (Sweden)

Favourite national final songs:

'Där och då med dig' (Sweden 2015), 'Can't Keep Calling (Misty)' (Estonia 2018) and 'Á ný' (Iceland 2016)

Final thoughts?

Aussievision has been a constant every autumn with song reviews and updates from the press center in those two weeks in May. When ever the notification comes up telling me there's a new Aussievision Podcast out, its always very exciting to see what reactions we'll get. Being apart of Aussievision has certainly helped keep my passion for Eurovision growing.


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