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Aussievision team: Estelle

Name and where you live

I'm Estelle and I live in regional Victoria with my husband, our two children, two cats, three fish and four chickens. We are originally from Leicester in the UK, we've been living in Australia for the last nine years.

Little bit about yourself

I'm a former high school teacher turned stay at home mum/hobby farmer. I am happiest spending time with my children and husband in the countryside. Over the past year I've started growing our own veggies and it has been a great success (Anyone need a pumpkin, we have waaaay too many!) I have recently started learning to horse ride with my daughter which truly has been a childhood dream come true for both of us.

Aside from Eurovision I'm a total Downton Abbey fanatic, the show pretty much lives on a loop for me. Last time we were in England I visited Highclere Castle where Downton was filmed, a-ma-zing, we had the best day! Other passions include travelling with my family, board games, true crime (podcasts, dramas, love them) and reading.

Eurovision journey

Coming from the UK, Eurovision has always been in my life, it's pretty much part of the furniture and I've been watching the show for at least 30 years. As a child I would try really hard to stay up late to watch the whole of the Grand Final. I enjoyed the music, found Sir Terry Wogan's snarky comments hilarious and I adored the scoring. I remember being quite little, trying to figure out how many douze points the UK would need to win.

1997 was of course a huge highlight for teenage me, when Katrina and the Waves took home the crown for the UK. It was amazing to see my home nation win, even if as a cynical teenager I thought 'Love Shine a Light' was a little sickly sweet. (I've totally changed my mind now of course, love the song.) A memory that feels more ingrained in my soul however is the following year when, as hosts, the UK almost won for a second time in a row. I felt personally robbed with the second place result, that was the first time I experienced the bittersweet heartbreak that Eurovision can bring.

Affinity to other nations

Australia is my home now and when it comes to Eurovision I definitely feel more affiliation to Australia than any other country. I will always of course keep an eye on the UK entry and I would be thrilled if they ever won the contest again, at this point though I'd happily settle for a solid left hand of the board placement. In my household we do have somewhat of a Greece-Cyprus situation going on, my children always give 12 points to Iceland no matter what! Personally I have a soft spot for the underdog, San Marino will always hold a space in my heart, as will Moldova.

Aussievision highlights

I've only been part of the Aussievision team since the 2021 off season. it has been fantastic to find a like minded group of people and I've had so much fun writing articles, ranking national finals and recording pieces for the podcast. I have learned so much about Eurovision and in the process I've had to change some of my rituals. I used to avoid all "spoilers" and not listen to any of the songs until Semi-Final one. Since joining the team I've discovered the world of fan clubs, polls and National Finals which has been super fun and a real eye opener into the world of passionate Eurovision fans.

Quick questions on Eurovision entries

Best Winner:

It's got to be Katrina and the Waves (UK 1997.) I miss the live orchestra, when the trumpet kicks in, oh it's such a classic moment.

Favourite three non-Australian entries:

'Satellite' (Germany 2010)

'Fai Rumore' (Italy 2020)

'Divine' (France 2008)

Favourite Australian entry

I'm torn between Dami Im 'Sound of Silence' for the vocals and Kate Miller Heidke 'Zero Gravity' for the staging. Joint favourites!

Favourites from the last century

'Hallelujah' (Isreal 1979)

'Ooh Ahh...Just a Little Bit' (UK 1996)

'Where Are You Now' (UK 1998)


Well...Dami Im, what a heartbreak, i'm still not over it. The controversy surrounding the 1998 televotes and Imaani taking second place still stings!

Makes you dance

'Satellite' (Germany 2010) I remember Graham Norton's commentary describing Lena's performance as packed full of caffeine, it is such an upbeat bop.

Guilty pleasure

It has got to be 'Teenage Life' (UK 2006) One of a kind and questionable if it would make it anywhere near the stage today. I love the kitsch value and back in 2006 I truly believed it could win!

'Say Na Na Na' (San Marino 2019.) This one isn't a guilty pleasure, it is just a pleasure, I love it.

Favourite Eurovision year

2017 - Absolutely beautiful songs, 'Amar Pelos Dois' is one of my all time favourite Eurovision songs, just stunning.

1996 - Gina G doing both Australia and the UK proud. Bring back the orchestra!

Favourite National Finals

This is my first year jumping into National finals. I have enjoyed the quirkiness and the chance to view some pretty wacky entries. I've been really impressed with the sheer amount of effort that countries go into to prepare for Eurovision. I really liked the structure of the Icelandic National Final.

Final Comments

Australian Eurovision fans are incredible. It takes true love and commitment to get up at the crack of dawn for the Grand Final, let alone travel to the other side of the world to be there in person. I think that the quality of Australian entries to Eurovision have helped to elevate the competition to the next level. Our record in the Grand Finals is phenomenal and I hope we have set a foundation to give us a spot in the competition for years to come.


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