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Junior Eurovision 2021: Malta


The Aussievision team have listened and ranked all Junior Eurovision songs and we have our final rankings. Malta have finished in 17th place. Details, individual rankings and comments below.

The entry

Ike & Kaya - ‘My Home’

Malta will be represented this year by Ike & Kaya.

Both aged 11, Ike Mizzi and Kaya Gouder Curmi finished fourth on 'Malta's Got Talent' in 2020. Kaya, who has been singing since the age of five, had previously attempted to represent Malta at Junior Eurovision 2020. She has also competed at the SanRemo Junior song festival where she took first place in her category. Ike has been involved in the music industry for two years and has even appeared in a music video for French singer Keen'V’.

The pair were selected after winning broadcaster TVM's 'Malta Junior Eurovision Song Contest' over eleven other performers.

The Aussievision Team Rankings

  • 9th - Emma

  • 9th - Kyriakos

  • 12th - Dale

  • 13th - Cooper

  • 13th - Josh

  • 15th - Mike

  • 17th - Ford

  • 17th - Laura

  • 18th - Hayley

  • 18th - Tim

  • 19th - Craig

  • 19th - Estelle

  • 19th - Steve

The comments

A very Disney sounding theme which really changes track when Ike comes in with his rap, which should broaden the song's appeal. Kaya has some great vocals which I'm not altogether sure marry well with Ike's, but there's no doubt they will make a cute pair on the stage. ~ Emma

Love the beautiful vocals and the rapping, it works really well. It is a very pretty sounding song with a very catchy chorus. ~ Kyriakos

Everything about this shouldn't work and it kind of doesn't! A child rapper with a ballad-singing young Maltese girl. It's kind of so wrong it's right. There are elements but ultimately it ranks higher than others as it grabs my attention! ~ Dale

Disney dot com. The rap really cuts through the song - not sure if that is a good thing or not. ~ Hayley

I like the start a lot, and then when the rap bit came in I was a bit thrown off, but by the end it seems to work. I can't tell if the rapper is trying to be edgy or genuine in his emotion. He also looks a bit like the kid in Nano's 'Chasing Rivers' (Melodifestivalen 2019). Overall a nice entry, but nothing more for me. ~ Hugo

Malta at Junior Eurovision

This year will mark Malta's seventeenth participation in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

They first entered the Contest in its debut year in 2003, but withdrew for the 2011 and 2012 editions. This small break must have helped them to refresh, as they came back in 2013 with a bang, winning two Contests in three years, and earning six top ten results in a row.

Malta's 2015 Junior Eurovision winner, Destiny Chukunyere, went on to compete at the regular edition of the Contest this year, where she placed seventh with the entry 'Je me casse'.

"The entry" written by Emma, and "Malta at Junior Eurovision" written by Ford

Aussievision team's Junior Eurovision 2021 rankings

Aussievision Podcast - Junior Eurovision 2021 Preview

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