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Junior Eurovision 2021: Italy

The Aussievision team have listened and ranked all Junior Eurovision songs and we have our final rankings. Ireland have finished in 7th place. Details, individual rankings and comments below.

The entry

Elisabetta Lizza - 'Specchio (Mirror on the Wall)'

This year Italy is represented by Elisabetta Lizza. She is a singer, dancer and plays the piano, and has spent the last three years performing in musicals and entering local competitions.

Among her favourite artists is none other than 2021 Eurovision champions Måneskin, so will she follow in their footsteps and claim Italy’s second Eurovision title of the year?

This year's Italian entry is called 'Specchio (Mirror On The Wall)', and is is a rock song about rebelling against societal pressures, and living as who you want without fear of prejudice.

The Aussievision team rankings

  • 1st - Steve

  • 1st - Tim

  • 1st - Laura

  • 2nd - Hugo

  • 4th - Hayley

  • 8th - Craig

  • 9th - Mike

  • 10th - Dale

  • 10th - Kyriakos

  • 11th - Cooper

  • 11th - Emma

  • 13th - Ford

  • 16th - Josh

  • 18th - Estelle

The comments

"Italy has gone rock again and it's great. From the first few chords, I've absolutely loved this. It may be an attempt to carry on Måneskin's momentum but this should stand out significantly." ~ Tim

"It already feels anthemic: super catchy, clear point of difference, well performed. BRAVA!" ~ Steve

"This is my favourite because it’s energetic, punchy, memorable, catchy, and it rocks! I love Elisabetta’s tween angst and it doesn’t surprise me at all that she’s a huge fan of Måneskin. The chorus is fantastic to try to sing along to even if I don’t know all the lyrics by heart yet (and I imagine non-Italian speakers would have some trouble with the words too). When the guitar solo hit it just screamed WINNER to me. This is a very well done rock song – bravo! Dodici punti!" ~ Laura

"Italy riding the rock and roll wave, but this time it’s really refreshing to see a teenage girl delivering it. I like the blend of the rock and melodic chorus, it makes the song flow well. It sort of crept up on me that I really like this; it has a mid-2000s pop rock vibe and I like it a lot." ~ Hugo

"I actually like the song and it has some melodic moments with a bit of Italian power. I just don't think it's that suited to rock and it all feels a bit overblown and an after thought like 'let's make this rock'. She is fantastic and her live could win me over." ~ Dale

"Are Italy trying to emulate their 2021 success at Rotterdam by sending rock again? The first 60 seconds of this song confused me with the two genres but by the end I was loving it." ~ Hayley

"Great to see an actual rock song at Junior Eurovision. I'm interested in how this will come across live. I have reservations." ~ Mike

Italy at Junior Eurovision

Italy first competed at Junior Eurovision in 2014, where they won with Vincenzo Cantiello and his emotional ballad ‘Tu primo grande amore’. They did not compete last year because of the pandemic, but have otherwise competed every year since their debut.

Article contribution by Ally

Aussievision team's Junior Eurovision 2021 rankings

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