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Junior Eurovision 2021: Serbia

The Aussievision team have listened and ranked all Junior Eurovision 2021 songs and we have our final rankings. Unfortunately for Serbia they have finished in 16th place. Details, individual rankings and comments below.

Get details of the song plus our individual rankings and comments below.

The entry

Jovana and Dunja - 'Children's Eyes'

Lyrics: Ana Frlin

Music: Ana Frlin

Jovana is 10-years-old and has shown a talent for music and dancing from an early age. She is currently practicing piano and entering different festivals.

Dunja is 11-years-old and has also been a keen performer from a very young age. Recently, Dunja won a music competition at a regional school contest.

The talented pair are from Novi Sad, the European Capital of Culture 2022, and describe their hometown as ‘somewhere everyone can find something beautiful for themselves’.

The Aussievision team rankings

  • 12th - Josh

  • 13th - Dale

  • 14th - Hayley

  • 14th - Hugo

  • 14th - Steve

  • 15th - Estelle

  • 15th - Laura

  • 16th - Cooper

  • 16th - Craig

  • 16th - Emma

  • 16th - Ford

  • 16th - Kyriakos

  • 16th - Mike

  • 16th - Tim

The comments

This song from Serbia is a solid, respectable entry. It sounds like a great performance by Joyana and Dunja. It also sounds like 'Molitva' at certain points, which can't be a bad thing. But there is also a sense that it leaves me with nothing at the same time, sadly. ~ Tim

'Children's Eyes' feels more like the sort of thing that adults associate with childhood rather than a song that children would actually like. Jovana and Dunja are nice and harmonise well together, and the chorus has quite a nice, hummable melody. However, there's some weird production choices in the instrumental (particularly in the synth section after the first chorus), and overall the song feels too low-energy to be remembered among a line-up of 19 songs. A lot is resting on Jovana and Dunja to bring a sense of fun and energy to this one live. ~ Craig

This is a good song that really has a lot going for it, and I really liked it when I first heard it, but I've ranked it where I have because it just falls out of my head the moment I've finished listening to it, and I can't remember what it sounds like. At first, I thought I was just losing it in the background to eighteen other songs, but then I realise that it just wasn't that memorable to me. When I'm listening to it, I like it, and the girls' voices are simply superb. The production of the song could certainly be better. But overall it's not a bad song. But, unfortunately, if I can't remember it, I'm not going to vote for it. And that may just be it's downfall on the night. ~ Ford

I was intrigued by the spoken word at the start, then it just turned into a nice song, but that's where it ends for me. The girls' voices sound good together. Sounds slightly dated, though, like something I'd hear in 2006. ~ Hugo

Serbia at Junior Eurovision

Serbia made their debut at Junior Eurovision as an independent nation in 2006, after having competed as a part of Serbia and Montenegro in 2005. Since then, they have competed twelve times, missing the Contest from 2011 to 2013. Their best result has been third place. They achieved that feat twice, first in 2007 with Nevena Božović (who then went on to represent Serbia at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2013 and 2019) and in 2010 with Sonja Skoric.

‘The entry’ and ‘Serbia at Junior Eurovision’ written by Kyriakos

Aussievision team's Junior Eurovision 2021 rankings

Aussievision Podcast - Junior Eurovision 2021 Preview

Our bonus preview episode of Junior Eurovision 2021 is out. We run through the Contest, the top 3 songs from the Aussievision team and make predictions.

Listen to it on Apple Podcasts here:

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