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Online voting and where to watch Junior Eurovision 2022

The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2022 will be held at the Karen Demirchyan Sports and Concerts Complex, in Yerevan, Armenia on Sunday December 11 (early morning on Monday December 12 in Australia).

The Contest will be hosted by Iveta Mukuchyan - who represented Armenia at the adult Eurovision with 'LoveWave' in 2016, Garik Papoyan - a prolific Armenian comedian who co-wrote Armenia's 2014 adult Eurovision entry 'Not Alone', and Karina Ignatyan - Armenia's Junior Eurovision representative in 2019. They will be joined by Robin the Robot - an artificial intelligence driven robot who provides assistance and emotional support to hospitalised children in Armenia and America.

A total of 16 nations will participate, including the host country and defending champion Armenia, as well as the United Kingdom who are returning to this year's Contest after a seventeen year absence.

Unfortunately Australia will not be participating as previous broadcasters SBS and ABC Me confirmed earlier this year they will not be sending a representative nor broadcast the Contest.

Online Public Voting

Online public voting will open from 20:00 CET on Friday 9 December (the morning of Saturday 10 December for Australians) up until just before the Contest begins. Voting is incredibly easy! Step 1: Go to Step 2: You will get to preview all the performances (you can also see below) Step 3: You then get the opportunity to vote for 3 of your favourite Junior Eurovision 2022 acts.

Also it is a little different from the main Eurovision Contest, if the country you are from is participating in Junior Eurovision 2022 you can support them by voting for them!

Anyone from around the world can vote! The online voting stops just before the show begins and then will reopen after all participants have performed for a further 15 minutes. All the online votes will be converted proportionally into points. For example, if an act receives 5% of the online votes they will receive 5% of the available points. The results of the online vote will be revealed during the show after the jury voting from each participating country has been announced. The country that received the lowest votes from the professional juries will have their online voting points announced first and so on, finishing with the highest ranked jury song. The winner of the Junior Eurovision 2022 will be determined by 50% professional juries and 50% online public voting.

If you need a bit of help check out our profile articles on each participating country which include comments from the Aussievision team.

Aussievision's Junior Eurovision 2022 profile articles:

Where to watch Junior Eurovision 2022

You can watch the Junior Eurovision 2022 live online via the livestream on the official Junior Eurovision Youtube account. The Contest starts at 2:00am AEDT on Monday December 12 (or December 11 at 16:00 CET in Europe).

This equates to these times in each State/ Territory:

WA – 11:00pm - December 11

NT – 12:30am - December 12

QLD – 1:00am - December 12

SA – 1:30am - December 12

ACT/NSW/VIC/TAS – 2:00am - December 12

Due to Australia’s non participation this year, the show will not be shown live or delayed telecast by any Australian public broadcaster.

Once you have voted let us know your favourites! Find us on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube and Instagram. All the links can be found at:


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