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Junior Eurovision 2022: Kazakhstan

Photo credit: Khabar

This year, Kazakhstan is being represented at Junior Eurovision by David Charlin with the song 'Jer-Ana (Mother Earth)'.

You can find details on the entry, the artist, ranking and comments from the Aussievision team and history of Kazakhstan Junior Eurovision below.

The artist: David Charlin

David Charlin is a 12-year-old singer and songwriter, who earned the chance to represent Kazakhstan when he was announced as one of the winners of the TV competition 'Baqytty Bala (Happy Child)', an annual competition for child vocalists. 21 vocalists from eight different countries participated in the annual celebration in Aktobe, Kazakhstan.

After being selected, David posted on his Instagram:

"Thank you all for the congratulations! What happened yesterday is more like a dream or a fairy tale, and I haven’t fully realized what happened yet. But I am incredibly pleased to realize that so many people have supported me...There's a lot of work to do but I'm glad because music is my life"

David lives with his mother in Almaty, the largest city in Kazakhstan which is located near the southern border with Kyrgyzstan. In addition to singing and dancing, he enjoys travelling, chess, skiing, and flying his drone.

The entry: 'Jer-Ana'

'Jer-Ana' was composed by Khamit Shangaliyev, and the lyrics were penned by Serzhan Bakhitzhan and Jordan Arakelyan, a well known Kazakh singer/songwriter with over 16k followers on her Instagram. The lyrics are in both English and Kazakh.

'Jer-Ana' is a song about being kind to our home, our "Mother Earth". When singing in Kazakh, David sings about kindness, and how the Earth nourished and protected us, but we take it for granted and don't give the same love back to her. "Let your hearts beat in tact with Earth" is the translation of one of the lines from the song.

Aussievision team ranking

The Aussievision team have voted for their top 10 favourite Junior Eurovision 2022 songs from 12 points to 1 point.

They have ranked Kazakhstan as their 9th favourite song from this years Junior Eurovision!

'Jer-Ana' got 10 points from Samuel and Kyriakos and 7 points from Stef.

Comments from the Aussievision team

"This is such a powerful entry from Kazakhstan and so on brand for them! The song is such a beautiful journey with impressive variation in vocals from David that works so well! What a powerful ending. Yet again they could win this." ~ Kyriakos

"In a sea of up-tempo songs, this beautiful ballad really stands out. Like most Kazakh Junior Eurovision singers, David has an incredible voice and range that conveys the deep emotion of this song, which has a powerful environmental message. If the graphics in the music video are anything to go by, hopefully this entry will have amazing staging in Armenia." ~ Samuel

Kazakhstan at Junior Eurovision

Kazakhstan made their debut at Junior Eurovision in 2018, and is sponsored by the broadcaster Khabar Agency. As Khabar agency is an associate member of the EBU, and not a full member, Kazakhstan has not yet been invited to participate in the adult Eurovision Song Contest, but they have expressed their interest in participating.

'Jer-Ana' will be the 5th Kazakh entry at Junior Eurovision, and David hopes to maintain the current Kazakh record placing in the top 10.

In 2019 and 2020, Kazakhstan finished with back to back second places. Could this be the year when Kazakhstan finally finishes on top of the podium?

Junior Eurovision 2022 will be held in Yerevan on December 11, 2022 (December 12th, 2022 in Australia).

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