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Junior Eurovision 2022: France

Image source: France Télévisions

This year, France will be represented at Junior Eurovision 2022 by Lissandro with his pop-rock song, 'Oh Maman!'

You can find details on the entry, the artist, ranking and comments from the Aussievision team and history of France at Junior Eurovision below.

The artist: Lissandro

Lissandro is a 13-year-old performer from Moselle, in north-eastern France.

No stranger to the stage, Lissandro came to prominence in Season 7 of France's version of The Voice Kids, where he made the final alongside last year's French entrant, Enzo. Throughout the show, Lissandro showed his passion for the greats of American pop-rock, from Elvis Presley right up to Bruno Mars. For this reason, he eventually gained the nickname "Elvissandro".

When he isn't singing and dancing onstage, Lissandro has also done voice acting for a number of animated series.

The entry: 'Oh Maman!'

As has become standard for France at Junior Eurovision, 'Oh Maman!' is an internally-selected track written by a team of familiar French songwriters. Alongside established composer Frédéric Chateau, Eurovision fans will be excited to see the return of France's second-place-getter from Eurovision 2021, Barbara Pravi. This follows from Barbara's work on France's Junior Eurovision entries from 2019 ('Bim Bam Toi') and 2020 ('J'imagine').

In line with France's previous entries at the Contest, 'Oh Maman!' is a bright, jazzy number in which Lissandro sings about his dreams of being a star.

Aussievision team ranking

The Aussievision team have voted for their top 10 favourite Junior Eurovision 2022 songs from 12 points to 1 point.

They have ranked France as their 8th favourite song from this years Junior Eurovision!

'Oh Maman!' got 7 points from Hugo and Estelle and 6 points from Steven, Kyriakos and Samuel.

Comments from the Aussievision team

"France always manage to produce Junior Eurovision entries that are age appropriate for children yet have equal appeal to all demographics. Lissandro oozes charisma and cuteness but backs this up with strong vocals and an energetic and entertaining performance. His call to clap & click along should ensure maximum audience participation and will no doubt swing some votes his way. Love the big rock 'n' roll style ending too!" ~ Emma

"France do this type of Junior entry so well! French but anthemic, catchy and easy language to sing along to, and this is another quality entry. Lissandro seems to have so much charisma and a real presence onstage, so if he can bring that energy (and importantly those vocals) to the live show, I can see this doing well. Would be a great show closer!" ~ Hugo

France at Junior Eurovision

France made their debut at the second ever Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2004, where they came sixth with Thomas Pontier's 'Si on voulait bien'. Following this one entry, they withdrew from the competition and did not return until 2018.

Since their recent return to Junior Eurovision, though, France has been one of the major powerhouses of the competition. They have never finished lower than fifth and have a third place (2021's 'Tic Tac'), a second place (2018's 'Jamais sans toi') and a Junior Eurovision winner (2020's 'J'imagine') to their name.

We will see in December whether Lissandro can keep up this fantastic record!

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