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Junior Eurovision 2020 - The Netherlands

Just missing out on a podium finish in the Aussievision team’s rankings the Netherlands finish in 4th place!

Get details of the song plus our individual rankings and comments below.

The entry

UNITY - ‘Best Friends’

The Netherlands will be represented this year by the group Unity. Unity are a girlband made up of four girls – Demi, Maud, Naomi and Jayda. Demi is 14 years old, Maud is 14, Naomi is 13 and Jayda is 13. The group was created by producers ahead of the Dutch National Final, which Unity then went onto win. Unfortunately on the night of the National Final, they were one member short after Demi could not participate due to having caught Covid-19.

The Aussievision Team Rankings

  • Laura - 1st

  • Mike - 1st

  • Ally - 2nd

  • Cooper - 2nd

  • Fleur - 3rd

  • Emma - 5th

  • Ford - 5th

  • Wade - 6th

  • Dale - 7th

  • Liv - 8th

  • Hugo - 9th

  • Ruby - 9th

  • Kyriakos - 10th

The comments

Undoubtedly the most wholesome sounding song this year. It is inoffensive, playful and has a nice message. Is there such a thing as being too kid friendly? ~ Wade

This song is a great example of how to make an age appropriate entry. From start to finish the song is fun and bright. The girls from Unity clearly have chemistry and will bring the fun to their performance. With this song, The Netherlands might have a busy year next year with hosting both Eurovision in may and potentially Junior Eurovision in November! ~ Cooper

Yes, this song is dripping with gouda but it is what a JESC song should sound like- kids being kids. The girls have nice harmonies. The subject matter is simple enough for the junior audience. They seem to be the right package for the competition, I cannot see it not do well. ~ Fleur

This song has everything. It’s fun. It’s cute. It’s uplifting. It’s age appropriate and doesn’t feel too childish or too mature. The song is something everyone can relate to. The positivity is truly infectious and the song is a total bop! The harmonies in particular are fantastic and really sell the song - Unity sounds like a mini OG3NE! The touches of country music in the instrumental are extremely on-brand for the Netherlands but are not too over-the-top. Les Pays-Bas, douze points! ~ Laura

The most typical JESC entry! Young girls singing about being best friends! Nice beat and rhythm, and some nice harmonies; I like the Dutch, but it doesn’t really do anything for the emotions. ~ Hugo

Great choice The Netherlands! Sure, it is a bit weird that they’re singing about being best friends when they’ve only known each other for a few months, but apart from that, this is just a fun, kid-friendly bop. I love this song, and I hope it does really well. ~ Ally

Sounding very much like something from ‘The Saddle Club’ soundtrack, this stands out as the only group entry in this year’s competition. There’s nothing groundbreaking here and the chorus is slightly repetitive but the girls tap in to the often explored Junior Eurovision theme of friendship which is bound to have some appeal. Still very likeable. ~ Emma

The Netherlands certainly know how to put together fun little kid groups – this song is dripping in prepubescent song-fluff but is targeted perfectly for the audience. Probably too saccharine for parents watching but I have no doubt this will excel on the night. ~ Liv

The Netherlands is such a powerhouse at Junior Eurovision, and this song really shows it. They really give off the vibes of the girls just being best friends. ~ Ford

This is so on brand for the Dutch. A really pure fun little group Junior entry. There’s little to dislike here – the girls are all super sweet and there’s a fun little pop sensibility to this. A little simple, but it’s fine! The televote come strong for the Dutch but jury won’t be big on this – Top 5 at best. ~ Dale

Brand Netherlands for Junior Eurovision. A good catchy pop song performed, age appropriate for the contest. Staging shouldn't be an issue, but the girls will need to keep the vocals on point to get the maximum out of this. ~ Mike

The song is fun and a standout , but it sounds too much like bubblegum manufactured pop, I am not convinced these are best friends… But it is great to see another group take part in the Contest. I expect a very fun performance ~ Kyriakos

The Netherlands at Junior Eurovision

The Netherlands are one of only two countries that have competed at every single edition of Junior Eurovision. They won the Contest in 2009 with ‘Click Clack’ by Ralf Mackenbach. The Netherlands have hosted the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2007 and 2012. Last year in Gliwice, Poland, Matheu finished 4th with his song ‘Dans Met Jou’.

‘The entry’ and ‘The Netherlands at Junior Eurovision’ written by Ally

Aussievision Team's Junior Eurovision 2020 rankings

4th place - The Netherlands - Unity - 'Best Friends'

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