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Junior Eurovision 2020 - Russia

Russia has finished up in 10th place by the Aussievision team after having listened and ranked all Junior Eurovision songs. More than half of the team placed Russia in the Top 10, with just two team members placing the entry in the Top 5. Details, individual rankings and comments below.

The entry

Sofia Feskova – ‘My New Day’

Russia will be represented this year by Sofia Feskova, after she won the Russian National Final.

Sofia is 11 years old and is from St Petersburg. She will represent Russia with the song ‘Moy novyy den’ which means My new day in Russian. According to a quite from the Junior Eurovision website, she said "The meaning of the song is that one should never give up, keep going and fill every day with generosity and happiness.

The Aussievision Team Rankings

  • Mike - 4th

  • Dale - 5th

  • Hugo - 6th

  • Laura - 7th

  • Ruby - 8th

  • Wade - 8th

  • Ally - 9th

  • Emma - 10th

  • Fleur - 11th

  • Cooper - 12th

  • Kyriakos - 12th

  • Liv - 12th

The comments

It sounds like a song that would play in the credits of a Disney movie. It is not particularly attention-grabbing, but it is nice. ~ Wade

Russian sounds so nice in songs, and this is a top vocal, ebbs and flows nicely. Just when you think it’s getting boring, enter key change! ~ Hugo

This has potential, but this is not very memorable at the moment. That could potentially change with the staging, but as things stand at the moment, I’m expecting a bottom half finish for Russia this year. ~ Ally

This year’s generic sounding Olympic anthem. Bit one dimensional for me. ~ Emma

This year's Disney song, it just did not do much for me at all. Especially in a year with a plethora of female voiced ballads, this is just MIA. There are just better songs of its ilk this year. Sofia has a strong voice and that is the highlight here. ~ Fleur

‘My New Day’ is by no means a weak entry. Sofia's vocal ability is impressive and the song is quite enjoyable to listen too. The problem this song faces is the many slower to mid tempo ballads in the contest this year and unfortunately this could easily get lost in the crowd. ~ Cooper

A dramatic ballad that has a lot of polish. Russia have really thrown everything they have at this entry, with paintings of this year's contest logo, a sign language verse, and even an orchestra! I think Sofia is going to grow up and be the next Polina Gagarina. Though, the song is a little dated, cheesy and in-your-face, which could rub some viewers the wrong way. ~ Laura

A strong mid-tempo pop song out of Russia with almost an orchestral feel in places with the prominent strings used in production. Lots of room for some vocal moments to impress juries and public alike, gives Sofia a real chance of a Top 5 or even Top 3 finish here. ~ Mike

The word for this entry is solid. A return to form for Russia – big bold ballad, well sung with a nice big build and finish that I can’t fault. It keep on the right side of not being too “Disney” and she can sing! The live will show in Warsaw will show just how high this can finish. The dark horse. ~ Dale

Vocally great, this type of dated-big-ballad-complete-with-key-change has been done and done again. It’s a pass for me. ~ Liv

Russia at Junior Eurovision

Russia made their Junior Eurovision debut in 2005, and have not missed a contest since. They have won the contest twice – in 2006 with The Tolmachevy Twins and their song ‘Vesenniy Jazz’, and in 2017 with Polina Bogusevich and her song ‘Wings’.

‘The entry’ and ‘Russia at Junior Eurovision’ written by Ally

Aussievision Team's Junior Eurovision 2020 rankings

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