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Junior Eurovision stars that have leaped into the Eurovision Song Contest

The Junior Eurovision Song Contest began in 2003 and over the last 18 years it has become a huge platform for countries to showcase their young talent.

In celebration of this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest at the La Seine Musicale in Paris, France we look back at the eager Junior Eurovision talent that have leaped into the main Eurovision Song Contest.

Nevena Božović

Nevena Božović - ‘Piši mi’ (3rd place Junior Eurovision - 2007 - Serbia)

Moje 3 - ‘Ljubav je svuda’ (11th place in the semi-final Eurovision - 2013 - Serbia)

Nevena Božović - ‘Kruna’ (18th place Eurovision - 2019 - Serbia)

Nevena Božović has Eurovision running through her veins! She has jointly appeared in Junior Eurovision and Eurovision three times. The first time was at Junior Eurovision 2007 with her Serbian power ballad ‘Piši mi’ which finished in third place.

Six years later she made it to the Eurovision stage as part of the group Moje 3. Unfortunately their Euro-banger ‘Ljubav je svuda’ just missed out on a Grand Final spot coming in at 11th place in the semi-final.

Another six years later Nevena Božović would return to the Eurovision stage as a soloist with ‘Kruna’. Even though she had an impressive performance showcasing her powerful vocals she only managed an 18th place finish in the Grand Final.

Lisa, Amy & Shelley

Lisa, Amy & Shelley - ‘Adem in, adem uit’ (11th place Junior Eurovision - 2007 - The Netherlands)

O’G3NE - ‘Lights and Shadows’ (11th place Eurovision - 2017 - The Netherlands)

Lisa, Amy & Shelley showcased some very dynamic energy together when they represented The Netherlands with ‘Adem in, adem uit’ at Junior Eurovision 2007. Unfortunately they were robbed!! They just missed out on the top 10 ending up in 11th place.

A decade would go by until they would reunite for a Eurovision audience this time around, as the newly formed band O’G3NE. Their sparkling Eurovision performance of ‘Lights and Shadows’ got them through to Grand Final. They managed to mirror their success at Junior Eurovision finishing in 11th place.

Michele Perniola and Anita Simoncini

Michele Perniola - ‘O-o-O Sole intern a me’ (10th place Junior Eurovision 2013 - San Marino)

The Peppermints - ‘Breaking My Heart’ (15th place Junior Eurovision 2014 - San Marino)

Michele Perniola and Anita Simoncini - ‘Chain of Lights’ (16th in the semi-final Eurovision 2015 - San Marino)

The Italian native, Michele Perniola first represented San Marino at the Junior Eurovision 2013 Contest where he sung the crowd favourite ‘O-o-O Sole intern a me' with his striking golden jacket and energetic dance routine. He got San Marino a top 10 spot in their debut year in the Contest.

The following year San Marino sent the all girl group The Peppermints with their powerful pop song ‘Breaking My Heart’. Anita from the group, the one wearing the red skirt in their performance, was the first Sammarinese singer to represent San Marino, as all the other members of the group were from Italian decent.

Both Michele and Annita joined forces in 2015 to compete at Eurovision with the song ‘Chain of Lights’ for San Marino. Unfortunately they didn’t qualify for the Grand Final.

Tolmachevy Sisters

The Tolmachevy Twins - ‘Vesenniy Jazz’ (1st place Junior Eurovision 2006 - Russia)

Tolmachevy Sisters - ‘Shine’ (7th place Eurovision 2014 - Russia)

These Russian identical twins Anastasiya and Maria Andreyevna Tolmachevy are the most successful Junior Eurovision participants. They won Junior Eurovision in 2006 at just nine years old with their song ‘Vesenniy Jazz’, which in English means ‘Spring Jazz’. They sung with such enthusiasm, confidence and fun energy!

They took that energy to the Eurovision 2014 stage along with a large seesaw where they performed ‘Shine’. Their performance got them a 7th place in the Grand Final keeping Russia in the top 10 for a third straight year. In 2019 they were part of the Russian professional jury for Eurovision.

Destiny Chukunyere

Destiny Chukunyere - ‘Not My Soul’ (1st place Junior Eurovision 2015 - Malta)

Destiny Chukunyere - ‘All of My Love’ (cancelled Eurovision 2020 - Malta)

Destiny Chukunyere - ‘Je me casse’ (7th place Eurovision 2021 - Malta)

Destiny won the Junior Eurovision 2015 Contest and gave Malta their second win in the Contest with ‘Not My Soul’, which she co-wrote. She won with a record amount of points at the time with a whopping eight set of douze points from Albania, Armenia, Australia, Bulgaria, San Marino, Serbia, Slovenia and the Kids Jury.

In 2019 Destiny got a taste of the main Eurovision stage as a backing vocalist for Michela Pace’s Eurovision performance of ‘Chameleon’. The following year she managed to win the Maltese national final, X Factor Malta, for spot at Eurovision 2020. She was set to perform ‘All of My Love’ but unfortunately the Contest was cancelled due to COVID-19. Luckily Destiny was internally selected to represent Malta again at Eurovision 2021. This time she made it to the stage with her anthemic pop entry 'Je me casse'. Destiny made it to the Grand Final and finished in 7th place, getting Malta back into the top 10 for the first time in 8 years.


Kisses - ‘Kisses and Dancin’’ (8th place Junior Eurovision 2016 - The Netherlands)

Stefania - ‘SUPERG!RL’ (cancelled Eurovision 2020 - Greece)

Stefania - ‘Last Dance’ (10th place Eurovision 2021 - Greece)

In 2016 Stefania entered Junior Eurovision 2016 as part of a trio called Kisses. They represented The Netherlands with ‘Kisses and Dancin’’ which finished in 8th place.

Stefania comes from Greek family that live in Utrecht in The Netherlands where she grew up speaking Greek and Dutch. In 2020 Stefania was selected to represent Greece at Eurovision. She was set to perform ‘SUPERG!RL’ written by previous Eurovision song writers Dimitris Kontopoulos and Sharon Vaughn. Unfortunately Eurovision 2020 didn’t eventuate, but ERT announced that Stefania will return to represent Greece yet again for the Eurovision 2021 Contest. This year she made it to the Eurovision Grand Final stage with 'Last Dance' and finished in 10th place. It was the first time in eight years since Greece was last in the top 10.

Backing vocalists

It is worth noting other Junior Eurovision singers have gone on to be backing vocalists at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Firstly Weronika Bochat who represented Poland at Junior Eurovision in 2004 as part of KWADro went on to be backing vocalist for Marcin Mroziński’s performance ‘Legenda’ in the 2010 Eurovision Contest in Oslo.

Secondly Monica who represented Armenia in the 2008 Junior Contest with the song ‘Im Ergi Hnchyune’ went on to being backing vocalist in two Eurovision performances. Firstly in 2016 for Iveta Mukuchyan with ‘LoveWave’ and most recently in 2018 for Sevak Khanagyan’s ‘Qami’.

We really hope to one day see Australian Junior Eurovision contestants represent Australia on the big Eurovision stage.

The 2021 Junior Eurovision Song Contest will be held on the December 19 (Australian time December 20), and you can read more about it here.

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