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Junior Eurovision 2020 – Malta

Interestingly the Maltese entry has received rankings across the board from 1st place all the way to 12th place. Overall the Aussievision team have ranked Malta’s Junior Eurovision 2020 entry in 8th place with an average of 7.2.

The entry

Chanel Monseigneur – ‘Chasing Sunsets’

Chanel Monseigneur has been selected ,by the Maltese national broadcaster PBS, through the national selection ‘Malta Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2020’. The national final voting was determined by a 50/50 split between a jury and online public voting. The jury was made up of singer and composer Dominic Cini, Malta’s 2019 Junior Eurovision representative Eliana Gomez Blanco, and Malta’s 2019 Eurovision representative Michela Pace.

Nine year old Chanel is from central Malta, and has been singing since she was three.

The Aussievision Team Rankings

  • Emma - 1st

  • Fleur - 2nd

  • Mike - 2nd

  • Ford - 4th

  • Ruby - 7th

  • Cooper - 8th

  • Hugo - 8th

  • Kyriakos - 9th

  • Ally - 10th

  • Dale - 10th

  • Liv - 10th

  • Laura - 11th

  • Wade - 12th

The comments

I love this – on the one hand a very contemporary sounding track but the bass guitar gives it an old school feel at the same time. Chanel has a killer voice...I was shocked to see she is only 9 years old! I want to see her at Eurovision one day. Not sure if this will have mass appeal to the kids but this deserves to do well as the most interesting composition in the competition. ~ Emma

I reckon this one is going to do well. Malta consistently send quality to JESC and this song is no different. For me it is a stand out in this year's competition. Even amongst the ballads this is definitely not going to get lost in the mix. ~ Fleur

Another nation staying on brand is Malta. A well produced, modern song that should appeal to juries has been Malta's modus operandi in recent years. Plenty of room for Chanel to show some vocal moments as well. I'm not sure if the song has the punch to leap from the pack however. ~ Mike

I picture Chanel from Malta being this year’s dark horse – an underrated entry that might just steadily rise to the top five of the year. ~ Ford

Chasing Sunsets is a well crafted entry that fits in well with Malta's catalogue of JESC entries. The chorus has a strong and memorable hook that viewers will remember. Does it have a fighting chance for the top spot? I don't think so, but it definitely is an entry Chanel and Malta should be proud of. ~ Cooper

Oh my goodness this revamp is so much better than the original! The song actually has a bit of kick to it now, which it didn’t originally have. In saying that, it’s still very similar to many of the other songs in this year’s competition, so I’m not expecting a great result for Malta. I also can’t help but feel that this is a very mature song for a nine year old. ~ Ally

Is this a well produced little pop song? Yes. Is the artist cute as a button with a special voice? Yes. Do I feel it’s authentic with any connection to each other? Hell no! This two just disconnect so much that I just don’t buy what I’m being sold. This is Malta’s issue recently, I feel nothing for this even if I appreciate it. Total jury bait and will score big there and fail again in the televote yet again. ~ Dale

Chanel Monseigneur is putting in a lot of effort with this song, and so is the Maltese delegation. I really appreciate that she is trying to make the most of this song. The studio version of the song sounds very auto-tuned and I don’t know if she will be able to pull it off live - especially in the chorus. The song itself doesn’t feel overly genuine to me, it feels a bit forced. ~ Laura

For me, the song feels mismatched to the singer. Chanel is great at hitting the notes, but the song drags, has vague metaphors and I cannot help wondering what she is singing about it in the first place. ~ Wade

Malta at Junior Eurovision

Malta has competed in Junior Eurovision since the competition debut in 2003, with the exceptions of 2011 and 2012, and are one of the most successful nations of the last decade. Over their fifteen entries, they have won the competition twice and made it to the top ten on nine occasions.

Malta’s two wins come from Gaia Cauchi’s ‘The Start’ in 2013, and Destiny Chukunyere’s soulful and inspiring ‘Not My Soul’ in 2015.

Malta also had the privilege of hosting the competition twice, once after each of their wins. They hosted for the first time in the Malta Shipbuilding in Marsa in 2014, presented by Moira Delia, and for the second time in the Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta in 2016, presented by Ben Camille and Valerie Vella.

‘The entry’ and ‘Malta at Junior Eurovision’ written by Ford

Aussievision Team's Junior Eurovision 2020 rankings

8th place - Malta - Chanel Monseigneur – ‘Chasing Sunsets’

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