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Eurovision host city profile for Aussies: Birmingham

The basics"

Arena name: Resorts World Arena or Utilita Arena

Arena capacity: 15,685 or 15,800

Nearest airport: Birmingham Airport (airport taxi - 20 minutes, train - 15 minutes)

Total hotels: 165

Major events they have held:

2022 Commonwealth Games and the 1998 Eurovision Song Contest.

The bull from this year's Commonwealth Games is displayed in the city's Centenary Square

Where could village be?

A small village could be set up in the centre of town in Centenary Square, Victoria Square or at Smithfield, which was used as live sites for the Commonwealth Games. Additionally, if the event is held at Resorts World, it could be held on-site.

Public transport including getting to the arena:

Fastest way to the Resorts World Arena is via train which takes about 15 minute from the city. Utilita Arena can be reached by a bus from the city centre in around 10-15 minutes or you can walk which will take approximately 15-20 minutes.

How to fly there from Australia:

Birmingham is another large airport that takes direct flights from Dubai with Emirates/Qantas, which will mean for most Australians you will only be stopping the once. Other options include Qatar/Brussels Airlines (via Doha and Brussels) and Singapore/Lufthansa (via Singapore and Frankfurt).

How to get there from London:

You can also fly into London and after a stay there take the train to Birmingham in anywhere from 1.5 hours to 2 hours.

Top things to do or see:

Birmingham Art Gallery and Museum

1. Birmingham Art Gallery and Museum

2. National Motorcycle Museum is something for the rev heads.

3. The Birmingham Symphony Hall is a concert hall that has a wide program of events

4. The Birmingham Back to Back Houses are a fascinating glimpse into how people lived over the last 200 years.

5. A Birmingham Self Guided Audio Tour lets choose what you want to see and a pace that suits you

And finally, does Birmingham have one of the famous Australian themed bars the Walkabout?

Yes! It's located near the city centre and a short walk from Utilita Arena.

Do you want Birmingham to host Eurovision 2023?

  • Yes, it's my first choice!

  • Yes, they aren't my first choice but I'd be happy with it

  • Not sure

  • No, not for me

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