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Eurovision host city profile for Aussies: Newcastle

The basics:

Arena name: Utilita Arena

Arena capacity: 11,000

Nearest airport: Newcastle Airport (train takes about 25 minutes into city centre)

Total hotels: 90 (according to

Major events they have held:

2015 Rugby World Cup matches (St James Park), 2019 World Transplant Games while multiple big name artists have played at the 11,000 seat Utilita Arena including AC/DC, Lady Gaga and Whitney Houston.

Where could the village be?

Town Moor and Exhibition Park

Exhibition Park

Public transport including getting to the arena:

The arena is walkable from the central station in Newcastle in approximately 10 minutes

How to fly there from Australia:

Emirates flies direct from Dubai to Newcastle making the trip from Australia in just the two stops. Other airline options include Qatar/British Airways (via Doha and London) and Singapore/Lufthansa (via Singapore and Frankfurt).

How to get there from London:

You can catch a direct train from Kings Cross Station and you will be in Newcastle in approximately three hours.

Top things to do or see:

1. Victoria Tunnel is a fully preserved 19th century coal tunnel and WW2 air-raid shelter.

2. St James' Park is a must for soccer fans and/or fans of Newcastle United.

3. Quayside is a vibrant waterside precinct with bars, restaurants and clubs, as well as a market on Sundays.

4. Jesmond Dene is coined the crown of Newcastle's parks and green spaces and boasts historic and natural features as well as wildlife, flowers and woodlands.

5. The Discovery Museum which focuses on the history of the area's maritime, scientific and techonological importance to Britain.

And finally, does Newcastle have one of the famous Australian themed bars the Walkabout?

Unfortunately not! Though there are many great places to enjoy a celebratory drink or two!

Do you want Newcastle to host Eurovision 2023?

  • Yes, it's my first choice!

  • Yes, they aren't my first choice but I'd be happy with it

  • Not sure

  • No, not for me

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