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Eurovision host city profile for Aussies: Sheffield

The basics:

Arena name: Utilita Arena

Arena capacity: 13,600

Nearest airport: Newcastle Airport (train takes about 25 minutes into city centre)

Total hotels: 43 (according to

Major events they have held:

Tramlines Music Festival at Hillsborough Park, UEFA Women’s EURO 2022 matches.

Where could the village be?

Peace Gardens

Peace Gardens is an outdoor space in the city centre.

Public transport including getting to the arena:

The arena is serviced by trains (two stops close by), buses and has its own supertram stop. It is also about 10 minutes by taxi or Uber.

How to fly there from Australia:

The majority of flights from Australia to Sheffield are three legs so it is recommended to fly into London and take a direct train from London (St Pancras to Sheffield which take approximately 2 hours).

How to get there from London:

Direct train from London which takes approximately 2 hours.

Top things to do or see:

Sheffield Botanical Gardens

1. The Sheffield Botanical Gardens contains 18 different gardens all with different themes.

2. Graves Park complete with an animal farm including hairy coos!

3. The Crucible Theatre featuring musicals and plays

4. The National Emergency Services Museum is not just a museum but a hands on experience

5. The Sheffield Winter Garden is an indoor garden in the centre of the city.

And finally, does Sheffield have one of the famous Australian themed bars the Walkabout?

Yes! It's located in the city centre and is a converted chapel!

Sheffield Walkabout

Do you want Sheffield to host Eurovision 2023?

  • Yes, it's my first choice!

  • Yes, they aren't my first choice but I'd be happy with it

  • Not sure

  • No, not for me

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