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Eurovision 2024 Rehearsals Day 6 - The big five & hosts

The big five and hosts Sweden had their first rehearsals for Eurovision 2024 in Malmö overnight.

They all took to the stage for their first run-through of 30 minutes each.

There will be photos to give you a taste of what the performances may look like.

Eurovision also provided details of the rehearsals on a live Reddit thread.

Short video clips can be found on the Eurovision TikTok account.

United Kingdom

The live blog said:

"We received some staging notes from the UK delegation for this performance: Olly Alexander's Eurovision performance transports viewers into a post- apocalyptic dystopian boxing gym locker room, aboard a spaceship hurtling toward Earth through a black hole in 1985!

We’re not making this up, we promise. Essentially there’s a big room set on stage, lined with dirty tiles and shower heads – this whole thing feels like a grittier version of George Michael’s Outside, so very much the vibe of the official video. Olly’s four male dancers are wearing (the bare minimum of) red boxing gear, and the camera angles keep changing so it feels like the room is rotating, backed by a spinning black hole graphics on the LED. It really does feel like they’re in a dirty locker room hurtling through space."


The live blog said:

"This staging has had a major overhaul since Das Deutsche Finale back in February – ISAAK is also in a room, but rather than a filthy gym it looks like a very stylish living room, made from a black metal framework that means he can still be seen from all sides. It also has an open fire - and from the first chorus, all three sides of the room burst into flames, like the house is burning down. Hard to capture the atmosphere in words, but it's really impressive.

The set sits under the middle cube, which has descended from the heavens to create a ceiling, but during the middle eight the whole set is wheeled away and it’s just ISAAK in the middle of the stage, wearing a black suit and flanked by four backing singers."


The live blog said:

"The staging remains pretty much unchanged, down to the blue and black outfits and four backing singers in wraparound shades.

But what feels entirely different is the scale - the cubes add a new dimension and elevated lighting effects, particularly after the box separates halfway through and the rest of the performance plays out at the front of the stage. From then the LED wall and the cubes go full pulsing neon, and the whole thing has so much bass it pounds through the floor. Hard to imagine how anyone isn’t going to be up and dancing in this arena next Tuesday - this is a certified 'let's go to Euroclub' bop."


"Staging wise, it starts with Slimane lying on the floor in a white suit, and he performs the first half of the song on his knees, interacting with the camera in a way that feels like a POV of a really intense argument. The juxtaposition of this with the questions he asks in the lyrics feels really immersive, like you’re part of the encounter. We might have just held our breath for three minutes. At the end there’s a section where Slimane steps away from the mic and sings the final chorus entirely acapella, in a cloud of smoke. We’ve seen this element before during pre-party season, but in this big arena it creates a haunting echo."


The live blog said:

"The whole vibe and aesthetic is very much what we saw at Benidorm Fest, but just bigger and more fabulous – with lyrics on the LED wall during the singalong sections, and huge ZORRAs pulsing on the cubes.

Mery’s costume is a sheer lace catsuit with flared trousers and giant puffy shoulders – we’ve just been told that it was designed by US designer Michael Costelloe and is encrusted with over 100,000 tiny crystals.

Her two male dancers, meanwhile, start out in stylish black suits, but they’re soon dispensed with to reveal bare chests, thonged corsets and PVC thigh boots. It's three minutes of pure theatre, and we can’t wait to hear the whole crowd singing along to this next week."


"This feels like a huge departure from Angelina’s performance at Sanremo, and even the official video – Angelina has five female backing dancers, and the staging feels like it’s set in a forest of naked trees. It also starts out with four of the five cubes lowered to the floor, projected with branches to enclose the dancers. So…four ACTUAL BOXES.

They raise to reveal Angelina in the middle backed by a huge throne also made of interwoven twigs and branches. Her costume is a red sparkly corset with plant-like patterns on her legs and arms, and her dancers have a similar style but without the red, so it’s more of a nude effect. The whole effect of trees and plants and flowers on the LED wall has a really fantastical appeal – like a psychedelic, magical woodland, but make it fashion."

More rehearsal coverage

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