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Eurovision 2024: Rehearsals Day 2

The first rehearsals of Eurovision 2024 in Malmö continue today.

All up, eight acts will take to the stage for their first run-through of 30 minutes each.

There will be photos to give you a taste of what the performances may look like.

Eurovision is providing details of the rehearsals on a live Reddit thread.

All images courtesy of the EBU, Corinne Cumming & Sarah Louise Bennett


The Eurovision live blog said:

"Hera has swapped the Söngvakeppnin red sparkly jumpsuit for gold and VERY sparkly, with fringing to aid fearless flight. She starts on a black plinth backed by five backing singers. It’s very similar to the Söngvakeppnin performance, just on a Malmö scale – lots of gold graphics and silhouettes of dancers on the LED wall makes it feel like a big old party."


The live blog said:

"For staging, it’s Raiven in a dark silver bodysuit – she starts out on the floor, and her movements spark off pulsing graphics on the LED floor. She’s joined by five contemporary dancers in nude bodysuits, who perform a complex routine of intertwining bodies – the whole performance has a very similar feel to the official video – ethereal, but also VERY dramatic. And those high notes at the end take the roof off."


The Eurovision live blog said:

"Fans of their winning UMK performance will be delighted to hear that the Denim Egg Show has made it to Malmö, along with the ‘just within the rules’ nudity (a thong, we can confirm, hopefully secured with more than a couple of Clippy paperclips), tiny jorts and Henri Piispanen’s high notes. In fact, this pretty much a cut and paste of their UMK staging, but with even more processing power and a cloudy LED wall that’s giving 90s screensaver."


The live blog said:

"The staging has the static routine that we saw at Etapa Națională, the Moldovan national final – with hand claps and armography and a white violin – but Natalia is no longer flanked by backing singers – she’s entirely alone, in front of a beautiful backdrop of seascapes and trees and flowers and butterflies."


The live blog said:

"FAHREE’s outfit is black and silver and gives off an armoured vibe, and Ilkin is in black with sparkly sleeves. For most of the song FAHREE is alone in the centre of the stage, backed my monochrome graphics that show an animated figure slowly emerging from water. In the second half two huge cupped hands appear on the stage so FAHREE can sing the final verse and chorus standing between them."


The live blog said:

"Zaachariaha Fielding’s fabulous white dress captures the arena light and transforms into a rainbow at the start, and then this whole performance builds into an uplifting cosmic explosion of light and colour across both the LED wall and the floor and...THE CUBES. Zaachariaha is supported by Michael Ross on keyboards, two backing singers, and of course the didgeridoo. There’s a lot of movement around the stage, which makes it feel like it’s a performance that aims to welcome in every corner of the arena – just pure joy from start to finish, and we’re delighted to add Yankunytjatjara, an Aboriginal language, to the Eurovision canon."


The live blog said:

"The staging is similar to iolanda’s win at Festival da Canção, with five white-clad dancers with covered faces performing a contemporary dance routine. They’ve also lowered the middle cube, which makes the space feel more intimate and adds to the artistry."


The live blog said:

"Staging-wise, we have BONUS CUBES on stage, providing a frame for TALI and her five dancers. She’s in a black bodysuit (apparently this is not her final outfit - we should see that in the second rehearsal), and all her dancers are in different red outfits. Also like how their performance rotates to perform to each side of the audience - it really works with this stage configuration."

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