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SBS Eurovision 2024: Grand Final replay – Who did the Australian public like?

Tonight SBS aired the primetime replay of the Grand Final of Eurovision 2024 in Malmö.

Just as in Friday and Saturday night's airing of Semi-Finals 1 and 2, Australians could vote for their favourite songs from the Grand Final via a SBS Eurovision WhatsApp chat.

Viewers could send either #YES or #NO followed by the country name to the dedicated chat, with the SBS Eurovision Rater tallying the results and displaying them at the end of each performance. Viewers were restricted to one vote per country.

Who did Australia love most?

Australia's winner this evening was Croatia with 96% of viewers loving the song!

Croatia also came second in Friday night's SBS viewer poll during the Semi-Final 1 replay. However this was behind Australia which doesn't count if we're playing by Eurovision rules.

Unsurprisingly Cyprus also polled well, finishing in 6th place with 86% of viewers giving Australia's Silia Kapsis the thumbs up!

In fact, Australians loved 19 of the 25 songs performed in the Grand Final with only six scoring under 50% with viewers.

Full Results of tonight's SBS vote (real televote result in brackets)

  1. Croatia - 96% (1)

  2. Armenia - 93% (9)

  3. Finland - 92% (15)

  4. Lithuania - 90% (10)

  5. Ukraine - 88% (3)

  6. Cyprus - 86% (12)

  7. Austria - 84% (23)

  8. Switzerland - 82% (5)

  9. Estonia - 81% (13)

  10. Spain - 79% (22)

  11. Italy - 77% (7)

  12. Sweden - 75% (11)

  13. Ireland - 73% (6)

  14. Luxembourg - 73% (17)

  15. Germany - 72% (19)

  16. Norway - 69% (24)

  17. France - 68% (4)

  18. Greece - 53% (8)

  19. Georgia - 53% (18)

  20. Latvia - 46% (16)

  21. United Kingdom - 36% (25)

  22. Portugal - 34% (20)

  23. Slovenia - 32% (21)

  24. Serbia - 31% (14)

  25. Israel - 30% (2)

How accurate were the Australian viewers?

Looking at the full results of tonight's SBS viewer vote we can see that the results differed quite significantly from the real televote results of the 37 participating countries and the Rest of the World.

SBS viewers only had five countries in the Top 10 that also came top 10 in the real televote. These were Croatia, Armenia, Lithuania, Ukraine and Switzerland.

When we look at Israel and France (2nd and 4th in the televote), Australians were not as keen on these songs as the rest of the world, ranking them in equal 25th and 17th respectively. Other top 10 placegetters Ireland (6th), Italy (7th) and Greece (8th) finished much lower with Australian viewers in the SBS poll (13th, 11th and 18th respectively).

Australian Televote at Eurovision

Israel - 12 points

Croatia - 10 points

Ireland - 8 points

Switzerland - 7 points

Ukraine - 6 points

Cyprus - 5 points

Finland - 4 points

Greece - 3 points

France - 2 points

Armenia - 1 point

When we compare the SBS voters results to the real Australian televote, we see a similar correlation.

Croatia, Switzerland, Ukraine, Cyprus, Finland and Armenia all finished in the top 10 with SBS viewers and also received points from the Australian televoters during this morning's vote.

However there were also some major differences. The SBS viewers preferred Lithuania, Austria, Estonia and Spain whilst the real Australian televoters gave their remaining points to Israel, Ireland, Greece and France.

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2 commentaires

Shawn Rogut
Shawn Rogut
15 mai

Wow. Youre article makes it sound like the disgustingly biased and rude SBS commentating had nothing to do with SBS audience rating the Israeli entrant lowest, whereas the real Australian result gave Israel the highest points.


Chris K
Chris K
13 mai

i noticed something in the esc-vote site that it auto picked up that you were in Australia, but gave the option of changing it to somewhere else. The difference between the live televote and the replay shown above are too different. Is it possible that the esc-vote was rigged from outside countries?

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