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Australia's first rehearsal at Eurovision 2024

Today, Electric Fields, Australia's Eurovision 2024 act took to the stage for their first rehearsal.

The first rehearsal goes for 30 minutes and is the chance for acts and the creative team to see what their staging looks like.

Eurovision provides images and a TikTok from the first rehearsal.

First look at the staging

All images EBU, Corinne Cumming & Sarah Louise Bennett

The Eurovision live blog described it as this:

"Zaachariaha Fielding’s fabulous white dress captures the arena light and transforms into a rainbow at the start, and then this whole performance builds into an uplifting cosmic explosion of light and colour across both the LED wall and the floor. Zaachariaha is supported by Michael Ross on keyboards, two backing singers, and of course the didgeridoo.

There’s a lot of movement around the stage, which makes it feel like it’s a performance that aims to welcome in every corner of the arena – just pure joy from start to finish, and we’re delighted to add Yankunytjatjara, an Aboriginal language, to the Eurovision canon."

TikTok footage

The TikTok footage allows us to see some more, although this is just raw footage and not what will appear down the camera.

We can also see that there will be six people involved including a Yidaki/didgeridoo.

Second rehearsal

Australia's second rehearsal will take place on Wednesday 1 May at 4:55pm to 5:15pm (CEST).

This will be 12:55am to 1:15am (AEST) on Thursday 2 May in Australia.

More rehearsal coverage

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