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The longest qualification streaks following Eurovision 2024

Photo credit: Corinne Cumming / EBU

Now that the dust is settling on Eurovision for 2024, it's time to take a look at which countries hold the longest qualification streaks for qualifying through to the Grand Final from the semi-finals.

The semi-final format was introduced to the Contest in 2004 in order to accommodate the increasing number of countries who wished to participate. The new format allowed all countries to participate every year.

The countries who make up the 'Big Five' do not have to qualify through the semi-final system as their broadcasters make the biggest financial contribution to the organisation of the contest - these countries are France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Also exempt from qualifying through the semi-finals is the host country (if they are not one of the 'Big Five'). As Sweden won the competition in 2023, they were also automatically qualified through to this year's Grand Final as the host nation.

Let's take a look at which countries are getting it right and which are struggling -

1. Ukraine - 14 qualification streak (2004 to 2024)

Up until this year, Ukraine was the only competing country who held a 100% qualification record. After this year's contest they have been joined by Grand Final qualifier Luxembourg who re-entered the contest after last competing in 1993.

Although Ukraine missed the Contest in 2015 and 2019, they have qualified through to the Grand Final in every year that they have had to compete in the semi-finals.

Since 2004, they did not have to qualify three times as they were the host country - 2005, 2017 and 2023. They were also exempt from qualifying in 2007 because they had finished in the Top 10 in 2006, however this rule was removed after the Contest that year.

Alyona Alyona and Jerry Heil continued their perfect qualification record when they finished 3rd at this year's contest with 'Teresa & Maria'. Will Ukraine be able to keep up their perfect qualification record in 2025?

2. Sweden - 10 qualification streak (2011 to 2023)

After Sweden's Anna Bergendahl failed to qualify in 2010, Sweden has gone on to make the Grand Final on every occasion it has been required to qualify and has won the contest three times (2012, 2015 and 2023).

Loreen made it 10 qualifications in a row for Sweden last year with 'Tattoo' which ultimately went on to win the contest. Will Sweden be able to make it 11 qualifications in a row next year?

3. Norway - 7 qualification streak (2017 to 2024)

Gåte's qualification with 'Ulveham' this year means Norway is now in the middle of their longest qualification streak since the semi-final qualification system was introduced in 2004.

They have now made the final seven times in a row including four Top 10 finishes (2017, 2019, 2022, 2023)!

In fact Norway has an enviable qualification record, only failing to make the Grand Final in 2007, 2011 and 2016. Their last non-qualifier was Agnete's 'Icebreaker' which finished 13th in its semi-final in 2016.

4. Serbia - 6 qualification streak (2018 to 2024)

With Teya Dora's 'Ramonda' finishing 10th in semi-final 1 this year, Serbia just managed to extend their qualification streak to six in a row. It came down to the wire with only six points separating Serbia from 11th placed Australia!

The last time they failed to qualify was in 2017 when Tijana Bogićević finished 11th in semi-final 2. Serbia's best result in their qualification streak is Konstrakta's 5th place with 'In corpore sano' in 2022.

5. Switzerland - 5 qualification streak (2019 to 2024)

After a four year non-qualification streak between 2015-2018, our 2024 winning country has now qualified five times in a row.

Apart from Nemo's win this year with 'The Code', they achieved a 3rd place in 2021 (Gjon's Tears) and  a 4th place in 2019 (Luca Hanni).

Their last non-qualification was Zibbz with 'Stones' in 2018. As host nation next year, Switzerland will be an automatic qualifier to the 2025 Grand Final.

=6. Finland - 4 qualification streak (2021 to 2024)

After Käärijä  came runner-up for Finland in 2023, Windows95man's 'No Rules!' qualification sees Finland make the Grand Final for the fourth year in a row. Their last non-qualifier was Darude featuring Sebastian Rejman in 2019.

=6. Lithuania - 4 qualification streak (2021 to 2024)

Lithuania is also now on a four year qualification streak thanks to Silvester Belt's 'Luktelk'. Jurij Veklenko was their last non-qualifer in 2019. Their best result in this streak is The Roop's 8th Place in 2021.

=6. Portugal - 4 qualification streak (2021 to 2024)

When iolanda made this year's Grand Final, it saw Portugal qualify for the fourth year in a row. 'Grito' went on to finish 10th, Portugal's second Top 10 finish in this qualification streak after Maro finished 9th in 2022. Conan Osíris was Portugal's last non-qualifier in 2019.

Other countries continuing their qualification streak in 2024

Three qualifications in a row

  • Armenia

  • Estonia

Two qualifications in a row

  • Austria

  • Croatia

  • Cyprus

  • Israel

  • Slovenia

And the winning streak ends for...

Unfortunately Belgium, Moldova, Czechia, Poland and Australia all ended their winning streaks with their non-qualifications this year.

The three year qualification streak for Belgium sadly came to an end with a 13th place in semi-final 2 for Mustii's 'Before the Party's Over'. Their last non-qualification was in 2019 when Eliot finished 13th in semi-final 1 with 'Wake Up'.

Moldova's returning Eurovision entrant Natalia Barbu wasn't able to replicate her 2007 qualification with 'In The Middle' finishing 13th in semi-final 1. Anna Odobescu's 2019 entry 'Stay' was Moldova's last not to qualify.

This year also marks the first year that Czechia, Poland and Australia have not qualified to the final of the Eurovision Song Contest since 2021.

On the other end of the scale these nations are struggling:

Denmark - 4 non-qualifications (2021 to 2024)

Since Leonora qualified for the 2019 Grand Final with 'Love Is Forever', the Danes have missed out on every occasion thereafter. They did come close in 2021 though with fan favourite 'Øve os på hinanden' finishing 11th. This year's hopes were on SABA but she was unable to break Denmark's losing streak, with 'Sand' finishing 12th in semi-final 2.

Malta - 3 non-qualifications (2022 to 2024)

Malta now has a three year non-qualification streak after Sarah Bonnici's 'Loop' finished last in semi-final 2. Their last qualifier was Destiny's 'Je me casse' (2021) who finished 7th overall. She also won her semi-final, the only Maltese artist to ever do so.

San Marino - 3 non-qualifications (2022 to 2024)

MEGARA's 14th place finish in semi-final 2 saw San Marino's run of non-qualifications continue. Senhit was their last qualifer with 'Adrenalina' in 2021. Only two other artists have ever qualified from San Marino - Valentina Monetta (2014) and Serhat (2019).

Other countries continuing their non-qualification streak in 2024

Two non-qualifications in a row

  • Azerbaijan

  • Iceland

And the losing streak ends for...

Going in to the 2024 contest, Georgia and Latvia both held the longest non-qualification streaks (6), but fortunes turned around this year for both nations.

When Nutsa Buzaladze made the Grand Final with 'Firefighter', it ended a six year non-qualification streak for Georgia. Their last qualification was in 2016 with Nika Kocharov and Young Georgian Lolitaz although they did finish 11th in their semi-final in 2017 (Tamara Gachechiladze).

Dons reversed Latvia's fortunes with 'Hollow' also breaking a six year non-qualification streak. They did come close last year when Sudden Lights missed Grand Final qualification by 3 points with 'Aija'. Their last qualifier was Justs' 'Heartbeats' in 2016.

As the country that shares the record with Sweden for the most number of Eurovision wins, Ireland was looking for a change in fortune and 2024 was their year. Bambie Thug broke their four year non-qualification streak with 'Doomsday Blue' finishing 6th and giving Ireland their equal highest finish since 2000.

They're back!

Greece and Netherlands are back! Both nations ended their qualification streaks in 2023 but qualified for the Grand Final again this year (although Netherlands was later disqualified). Prior to last year, Netherlands had qualified five years in a row and Greece three times.

What about Albania?

After Albania failed to qualify for the first time in four years in 2022, Albina and Familja Kelmendi turned things around in 2023. 'Duje' qualified to the final in 9th place from semi-final 2 and ultimately finished in 22nd place.

Unfortunately Besa could not keep the streak going in 2024, with 'Titan' finishing second last in Semi-Final 2 with 14 points.

Will some of these top nations drop out and can some of these struggling nations make it back to the Grand Final? All will be revealed in 2025!

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