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Eurovision 2024: Rehearsals Day 1

The first rehearsals of Eurovision 2024 in Malmö have begun.

All up, seven acts will take to the stage for their first run through of 30 minutes each.

Photo galleries are provided by Eurovision and we have provided the highlights to give you a taste of what the performances may look like.

Eurovision is providing details of the rehearsals on a live Reddit thread.

All images courtesy of the EBU.


Eurovision live bloggers said of the performance:

"No stage props, but lots of swirly green and red graphics on the LED backdrop and floor. Fans of Silia's dancing will be happy to hear that this performance has a high energy routine and a huge dance break before the bridge into the final chorus."


The Eurovision live blogger said:

"The staging for this song is very similar to when TEYA DORA won Pesma za Evroviziju, Serbia’s national finals, back in March. A big rock (we think the same one as the NF, but can't been 100% sure), shadowy lighting, graphics of clouds and stars and lightning, finishing with a blooming ramonda flower."


The live blog said:

"The staging for this needs no props – similar to the Lithuanian national finals, EUROVIZIJA.LT – it’s Silvester in his red leather suit, backed by four male dancers with masked faces and lots of red and back strobe lighting. The masks have had an upgrade - less like turtlenecks and more like black hoods."


The live blog said:

"Bambie is inside a circle of candles, wearing a black dress with a tutu skirt and shoulder horns. There’s also a bare-chested dancer giving centaur vibes, who accompanies Bambie in some balletic choreography. In the final section the candle circle raises up, and the big screamo finish concludes with a graphic backdrop of CROWN THE WITCH."


The live blog said: "They’ve definitely elevated the staging from their performance at Vidbir, with our second on-stage rock of the day. Jerry Heil climbs it into a wind machine, then alyona alyona emerges from stage right to deliver her rap interlude with heart and soul. Everything about this – Jerry Heil's ethereal floaty dress, the shadowy figures on the LED wall, the choral backing vocals, feels hymnal and haunting."


The live blog said:

"Staging-wise, LUNA is revealed on stage from between two huge neon chess rooks that roll across the stage. She’s wearing a shiny PVC-esque red cape with huge pointy shoulders. LUNA also has three faceless backing dancers in black, white and red respectively, and there’s a great moment when she lies on the LED floor and appears to ride a red horse. Huge sci-fi chess vibe, and a very clever piece of visual theatre."


The live blog said:

"Staging wise, the set-up is similar to when Baby Lasagna swept the board at Dora 2024 – elements of traditional dancing, Baby Lasagna in giant frilly sleeves, great use of the whole stage. BUT the whole performance has been polished up for Malmö, from the dance routine to the herd of neon farm animals on the LED wall."

When is Australia rehearsing?


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