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Eurovision 2024: Rehearsals Day 3

The first rehearsals of Eurovision 2024 in Malmö continue today.

All up, eight acts from semi-final 2 will take to the stage for their first run-through of 30 minutes each.

There will be photos to give you a taste of what the performances may look like.

Eurovision is providing details of the rehearsals on a live Reddit thread.

Short video clips can be found on the Eurovision TikTok account.

All images EBU, Corinne Cumming & Sarah Louise Bennett


The Eurovision live blog said about Malta:

"The main routine is largely the same other than having been polished up a bit in places. BUT the dance break has had a rework – it still has the flip, but with added shirt removal by the four male backing dancers, and also…blindfolds. There’s also a very impressive salsa-style shoulder lift."


The live blog said:

"Besa’s costume is bringing the first pointy shoulders of the day, as part of a blue and black pantsuit with gold detailing. She also has two backing singers, and three female dancers in nude bodysuits who perform a contemporary routine. Projections of more dancers on the LED wall and the cubes give it even more scope and drama, so it feels like they fill the stage. Simple, but really effective."


The live blog said:

"Marina brings the same sass and attitude we saw in the official video - the kilt has been swapped for a shiny purple puffball skirt, paired with a white top and black heeled boots. Marina has four backing dancers – three male, one female - who join Marina to fuse precision street dance moves with traditional elements. There’s lots of close-up camerawork – Marina really connects with the TV audience, and it looks great live on stage too. In terms of graphics, there's loads of colour and energy – with neon pink floating ZARI graphics on the cubes, and grafitti-style visuals on the LED wall bringing that same urban vibe we saw in the official video."


The live blog said:

"Nemo is wearing an outfit made of pink and white fur (with matching fur boots!), and their main prop is a white circular platform two or three metres in diameter. It tips and pivots in all directions – Nemo climbs it, slides down it, dances on it, jumps off it – the whole thing is a showcase of balance, precision timing and codebreaking ambition. Not something we’ve EVER seen at Eurovision before - welcome to the show, Nemo fans."


The live blog said:

"Aiko’s staging concept represents the five stages of grief during a breakup – Aiko is accompanied on stage by four female dancers, each representing Denial, Anger, Bargaining and Depression. Aiko herself represents the fifth and final stage – Acceptance. The costumes are black bodystockings with mesh sections and lots of sparkle, and Aiko’s dancers have sparkly mesh face coverings. Aiko has a similar top section but with wide-legged trousers."


The live blog said:

"Staging-wise, there’s an inverted pyramid made of metal scaffolding hanging above the middle of the stage, that shoots lasers, giving the stage a warehouse rave vibe. She starts the performance wearing a long white coat with a train, but that’s dispensed with as soon as the bass kicks in, revealing a silver sparkly leotard and matching thigh boots. She has four male backing dancers, wearing black cargo pants, sleeveless jackets and oversized wraparound shades. With Kaleen they deliver a full-on dance routine that covers the whole stage.

There’s also a RUM-DE-DUM-DA-DA hip swivel move that we will absolutely be practising in Euroclub. Genuinely wish it was possible to explain what this track FEELS like at full volume in the arena – it’s very much a full body experience. Photos coming soon!"


The live blog said:

"It’s very similar to the staging we saw at Denmark’s national final, Melodi Grand Prix, just on a bigger and more epic Malmö scale. Saba is wearing a white pant suit - if it's not the same she wore at MGP, it's very similar. The pockets are filled with sand, and she scatters it as part of really beautiful armography routine that mirrors a projected version of Saba on the LED wall behind her. Really simple, but all the more impactful for it."


The live blog said:

"The official video for this has lots of sass and energy, and that spirit has definitely been brought to the Malmö stage, along with Jaklin’s costume and trademark plaits. There’s also an island of brightly coloured plinths in the middle of the stage, where Ladaniva’s band stand on different levels playing their instruments.

In the second half the LED wall and cube graphics kick in, with Armenian motifs and lots of chickens - we are strongly advocating for a Croatia/Armenia farmyard crossover. The whole thing is a riot of colour and energy - a great way to end another fun day in Malmö arena."

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