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Eurovision 2024: Rehearsals Day 4

The first rehearsals of Eurovision 2024 in Malmö continue today.

All up, eight acts from semi-final 2took to the stage for their first run-through of 30 minutes each.

There will be photos to give you a taste of what the performances may look like.

Eurovision is providing details of the rehearsals on a live Reddit thread.

Short video clips can be found on the Eurovision TikTok account.

All images EBU, Corinne Cumming & Sarah Louise Bennett


The Eurovision live blog said:

"The staging for this features a huge circular prop (maybe three or four metres in diameter) - it's HOLLOW, so Dons performs the first half of the song standing inside it. It doesn’t move or spin or light up, but it does create a really powerful focal point on stage.

Dons is wearing his trademark royal blue sleeveless pantsuit (but with added robot abs), and he’s backed by an LED wall of gently pulsing lights and circles. The lighting effects are actually really clever – lots of slow-moving blue spotlights in the verses that kick into much brighter, whiter lights in the chorus. They feel like searchlights, and it gives this whole performance a MOOD."

San Marino

The live blog said:

"Megara are still in the pink and black fur we saw at Una Voce per San Marino, but a slightly different design with added zebra stripes. The LED wall shows a pink and black animation with lots of spooky trees and dragons that feels like a fairy story – the whole thing comes together as a really cohesive bit of staging that feels fun, uplifting and very LOUD.

There’s a really fun dance routine that runs through this whole performance, which we don’t usually see with big rock bands, but Megara are definitely here to entertain – there’s even a moment at the end where Kenzy takes off her fur coat to reveal a new outfit featuring pink PVC armour with a dinosaur spine."


The live blog said:

"She starts alone on stage on a raised plinth, under a red spotlight and backed by red smoky graphics. At the end of the first verse she’s joined on buy four male dancers in black (with shirts) – it’s a VERY polished, high-energy dance routine with the LED graphics building through the song into sparking balls of flame.

Nutsa’s costume is a shiny gold mini-dress paired with boots – she doesn’t miss a note, despite the energetic routine."


The live blog said:

"This performance brings a lot of the intense, slow-build mood we saw in the official video, with a circle of microphones on a smoky platform that slowly turns, and lots of cloudy graphics on the wall and floor.

For the final section Mustii moves to front stage and lifts the roof off the arena – backing vocals for this song are provided by hundreds of Eurovision fans, so it’s very much a United By Music effort. The pounding drums at the end vibrate through the arena floor until you feel it in your chest - definitely another hold your breath moment from this year."


The live blog said:

"The band all look very stylish in black suits with varying quantities of sleeves. The whole performance is a heady and joyful mix of thumping beats, traditional talharpa melodies and the 5MIINUST x Puuluup aerobic dance routine. We will definitely be recreating this in Euroclub next week."


The live blog said:

"On stage we have our second big circular prop of the day – it’s the same style as Latvia’s, but smaller, lit up with neon and featuring a built-in wind machine. It’s also has ladders each side, so it can be used as a support for five dancers - three male, two female – who take their complex contemporary dance routine from around the circle to the front of the stage."


The live blog said:

"A low, slow-spinning platform with some rocks and trees, like a goth terrarium, backed by spooky swirling graphics, lots of atmospheric lasers and green spotlights.

We’ve seen lead singer Gunnhild in lots of amazing outfits over pre-party season - today she’s wearing dark green wide trousers with a matching top that designed to look like she has leaves woven across one shoulder. In the final chorus guitarist Magnus throws his guitar high into the air, then catches it – we can only imagine how many guitars have been sacrificed for this big finish."


The live blog said:

"Fans of Joost will be delighted that his signature dance moves and giant blue shoulder pads have be shipped to Malmö, along with a keyboard player dressed as a fluffy blue and yellow bird – presumably to represent both the EU flag but also conveniently repping Sweden. The LED wall is a manic visual tour of the lyrics, and the whole thing is three minutes of infectious dance energy, with Joost flanked on stage by two dancers in white tracksuits."

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