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Eurovision 2023 - All you need to know

The 67th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest will be hosted by Liverpool in the United Kingdom on behalf of Ukraine following that nation's win in 2022.

Unfortunately, due to the current situation in Ukraine, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) said the conditions "were not met to guarantee the safety and security of everyone working and participating in the event".

When and where?

Liverpool will host Eurovision 2023 at the M&S Bank Arena.

Shows will take place:

Semi-final 1: Tuesday 9 May

Semi-final 2: Thursday 11 May

Grand Final: Saturday 13 May


The first and second round of tickets have already been sold. Re-sale tickets made available will be appear when searching Ticketmaster.

Who is competing?

37 nations will compete at Eurovision 2023 across two semi-finals and the Grand Final.

Semi-final 1 (in running order)

  1. Norway: Alessandra – 'Queen of Kings' Profile

  2. Malta: The Busker – 'Dance (Our Own Party)' Profile

  3. Serbia: Luke Black – 'Samo mi se spava' Profile

  4. Latvia: Sudden Lights – 'Aijā' Profile

  5. Portugal: Mimicat – 'Ai Coração' Profile

  6. Ireland: Wild Youth – 'We Are One' Profile

  7. Croatia: Let 3 – 'Mama ŠČ!' Profile

  8. Switzerland: Remo Forrer – 'Watergun' Profile

  9. Israel: Noa Kirel – 'Unicorn' Profile

  10. Moldova: Pasha Parfeni – 'Soarele și Luna' Profile

  11. Sweden: Loreen – 'Tattoo' Profile

  12. Azerbaijan: TuralTuranX – 'Tell Me More' Profile

  13. Czechia: Vesna – 'My Sisters Crown' Profile

  14. Netherlands: Mia Nicolai & Dion Cooper – 'Burning Daylight' Profile

  15. Finland: Käärijä – 'Cha Cha Cha' Profile

Semi-final 2 (in running order)

  1. Denmark: Reiley – 'Breaking My Heart' Profile

  2. Armenia: Brunette – 'Future Lover' Profile

  3. Romania: Theodor Andrei – 'D.G.T. (Off And On)' Profile

  4. Estonia: ALIKA – 'Bridges' Profile

  5. Belgium: Gustaph – 'Because Of You' Profile

  6. Cyprus: Andrew Lambrou – 'Break A Broken Heart' Profile

  7. Iceland: Diljá – 'Power' Profile

  8. Greece: Victor Vernicos – 'What They Say' Profile Profile

  9. Poland: Blanka – 'Solo' Profile

  10. Slovenia: Joker Out – 'Carpe Diem' Profile

  11. Georgia: IRU – 'Echo' Profile

  12. San Marino: Piqued Jacks – 'Like An Animal' Profile

  13. Austria: Teya & Salena – 'Who The Hell Is Edgar?' Profile

  14. Albania: Albina & Familja Kelmendi – 'Duje' Profile

  15. Lithuania: Monika Linkyté – 'Stay' Profile

  16. Australia: Voyager – 'Promise' Profile

Big 5 and co-hosts

  1. France: La Zarra – Évidemment' Profile

  2. Germany: Lord of the Lost – 'Blood and Glitter' Profile

  3. Italy: Marco Mengoni – 'Due vite' Profile

  4. Spain: Blanca Paloma – 'EAEA' Profile

  5. Ukraine: Tvorchi – 'Heart of Steel' Profile

  6. United Kingdom: Mae Muller – 'I Wrote a Song' Profile

The official playlist can be found on the Eurovision YouTube channel.

Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Luxembourg, Monaco, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Slovakia have all indicated they will not be returning to the Contest in 2023.

Where can I watch it?

In Australia

SBS will have live and prime time (delayed) coverage. All times listed below:

Live coverage:

  • Semi-Final 1: Wednesday 10 May at 5:00am AEST

  • Semi-Final 2: Friday 12 May at 5:00am AEST

  • Grand Final: Sunday 14 May at 5:00am AEST

Prime time replays

  • Semi-Final 1: Friday 12 May at 7:30pm AEST

  • Semi-Final 2: Saturday 13 May at 7:30pm AEST

  • Grand Final: Sunday 14 May at 7:30pm AEST

For continued updates on all the Eurovision 2023 news follow Aussievision on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. All links at:

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