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Eurovision 2023 San Marino profile: 'Like an Animal' by Piqued Jacks

Image credit: Aurora Cesari

San Marino in the Eurovision Song Contest

San Marino made their debut at Eurovision in 2008 with Miodio performing 'Complice'. They have qualified for the final three times in their thirteen attempts. Their best result was in 2019 when Serhat's 'Say Na Na Na' finished in 19th place in the final. San Marino was represented in 2022 by Achille Lauro with 'Stripper' which failed to qualify for the final, coming in at 14th place in the second semi-final.

2023 Entry: Piqued Jacks - 'Like an Animal'

  • Piqued Jacks will compete in 12th place in the running order of semi-final 2

  • My Eurovision Scoreboard ranking: 37th out of 37 entries

  • Odds to win ranking: 33rd

(Rankings as of 28 March 2023)

About the act

The Italian, alt-rock band was formed in 2006 in Buggiano, Tuscany, and have had several line-up changes since then. The current members are Andrea Lazzeretti, Francesco Bini, Tommaso Oliveri and Marco Sgaramella.

Image credit: Piqued Jacks

Career highlights for the group include being the opening act for American rock band Interpol and winning Sanremo Rock in 2019. Piqued Jacks have performed on big stages including MTV, Virgin Radio and BBC Radio. They have also collaborated with well-known music producers such as Brett Shaw, who has worked with Florence and the Machines.

Piqued Jacks released their first single 'My Kite' in 2013. Their first album 'Climb like Ivy Does' was released in 2015, and they have created three more albums since then.

About the song

Piqued Jack's Eurovision entry, 'Like An Animal' is an alternative rock song that will be performed entirely in English.

The song is about a beautiful, seductive lady who enchants the singer. The many animal references - including "snakes eyes" and "butterflies" - reveals how the lady renders the singer into primal desire and love. Her sinister nature is highlighted in the simile "like a drug in my veins, you are poison." Ultimately though the singer compares his love interest to Aphrodite, the ancient Greek goddess of love and beauty, in the chorus, suggesting he has succumbed to her temptation.

How Piqued Jacks was selected for Eurovision

Photo courtesy of Eurovisionworld

Piqued Jacks were chosen to represent San Marino at Eurovision by participating in the national final Una Voce per San Marino. As they were not an "established act" they had to begin their selection process in the heats.

The band first presented their entry 'Like an Animal' in a heat on January 24, 2023 and were selected to move onto the semi-finals, along with 105 other acts. Piqued Jacks performed last in the third semi-final which was broadcast on February 22, where they qualified directly to the final.

On February 25 Piqued Jacks once again showcased 'Like an Animal' in a live performance on San Marino RTV. The six-person jury chose the band to represent the microstate at Eurovision 2023. Piqued Jacks beat out runners-up Le Deva with 'Fiori su Marte', and other notable competitors including Eiffel 65, Ronela who represented Albania in Eurovision 2022, and Australia's Alfie Arcuri.

San Marino will compete in 12th place in semi-final 2 on May 11 (European time) in Liverpool.

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