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Lithuanian National Final Pabandom is naujo 2020 Heat 2 Results

The Lithuanian National Final Eurovizijos Atranka now called „Pabandom iš naujo!" 2020 („We Go Again! 2020”) continued this weekend with the second show of the elimination heats.

In the elimination heats only the top 6 out of the 12 acts progress to the finals. The successful acts were be selected by 50/50 combination of jury and public televoting.

Heat 2 Results:

1. Moniqué ‘Make Me Human’ - 22 points

2. Kristina Jure ‘My Sound of Silence’ - 18 points

3. Rūta Loop ‘We Came from the Sun’ - 17 points

4. Viktorija Miškūnaitė ‘The Ocean’ - 15 points

5. Alen Chicco ‘Somewhere Out There’ - 14 points

6. Germantas Skoris ‘Chemistry (Breaking Free)’ - 8 points

7. Soliaris ‘Breath’ - 6 points

8. Twosome ‘Playa’ - 5 points

9. Antturi ‘I Gotta Do’ - 4 points

10. Abrokenleg ‘Electric Boy’ - 3 points

11. Voldemars Petersons ‘Wings of Freedom’ - 2 points

12. Indraya ‘You & I’ - 2 points

In Heat 2 the show belonged to Moniqué with her power ballad ‘Make Me Human’. The staging and lighting were great, it made for a great performance. She topped the jury votes getting the full 12 points, but came second in the public vote scoring 851 receiving 10 points.

The public favourite was ‘My Sound of Silence’ by Kristina Jure. She scored 1071 with the public receiving the full 12 points, and coming second overall. She was the juries fifth favourite of the night.

An honourable mention has to go to Twosome with ‘Playa’. Their act was fun, with the double clap, a basketball belly and a very catchy song. You will get “I’m a Lithuanian basketball player!” stuck in your head for days. Unfortunately they didn’t make it through.

The six acts go through to the finals along with the Heat 1 winners which you can find here.

Heat 3 of Eurovizijos Atranka 2020 will be on January 25 in Europe and January 26 in Australia.

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