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Lachy from The Wiggles does ‘Think About Things’, Daði Freyr’s Eurovision 2020 entry

Yes that’s right! Over the weekend the purple Wiggle, Lachy from The Wiggles, jumped on the "Daðitrain" and featured in a video playing the Icelandic’s singers Eurovision 2020 entry ‘Think About Things’.

The Wiggles are one of Australia’s biggest entertainers. The band formed all the way back in 1991. The current members of the band, who got together in 2013 are Anthony Field, Lachlan Gillespie, Simon Pryce, and Emma Watkins. The purple Wiggle Lachlan who goes by the name Lachy, replaced the previous purple Wiggle, Jeff, who was best known for the infamous Wiggles song 'Wake Up Jeff'. The group are best known for their hit songs 'Rock-A-Bye Your Bear', 'Hot Potato', 'Fruit Salad', 'Toot Toot, Chugga Chugga Big Red Car' and 'Do the Propeller!'.

The band are currently on tour in Australia to promote their latest release 'We're All Fruit Salad!: The Wiggles' Greatest Hits'. The album is a compilation of their career-spanning hit songs, including some new additions. It was released in March 2021.

The video that features Lachy dancing to 'Think About Things' with other members of The Wiggles and The Wiggles team looks back on the places they have visited so far on their tour of Australia. You can find out more about the tour here.

‘Think About Things’ was one of the favourites to take out the Eurovision 2020 trophy, but due to Covid-19 the contest was cancelled. Daði Freyr got the opportunity to represent Iceland once again at this years Eurovision Song Contest. This time with the song '10 Years'. You can read up on Daði's '10 Years' here.

Luckily for the Australian fans of Daði he is set to “appear” Down Under in Sydney, Australia on May 7 for his virtual performance. For details check out our article on this global tour as he gets ready to head to Rotterdam for Eurovision 2021.

After Lachy's video of 'Think About Things', we now need Daði to cover a Wiggles song. A Daði-style rendition of 'Fruit Salad' or even 'Toot Toot, Chugga Chugga Big Red Car' would be absolutely EPIC!

'We're All Fruit Salad!: The Wiggles' Greatest Hits' is available now on iTunes and streaming on Spotify and Apple Music.


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