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Fans think The Masked Singer Australia's "Kebab" has a Eurovision connection

Tonight was the second episode of Channel 10's show 'The Masked Singer Australia'.

Last year's show featured two Eurovision stars in Kate Miller-Heidke who finished runner-up as the Queen and Isaiah Firebrace who was under the Wizard mask.

Fans of the show and Eurovision have been expected a Eurovision connection and tonight we may have got one.

The character 'Kebab' performed tonight and many think it is 2020 'Eurovision - Australia Decides' star Jack Vidgen.

Savvy viewers paid attention and the clues revealed on tonight's episode could have helped to solve the mystery of just who is under that absolutely kebab-ulous mask!

The quote "I might look innocent, quiet at times, but with a bit of hot sauce, I go off, I'm a bit of a wild one" - could potentially refer to Jack's stint in the Australian bush on the most recent series of 'I'm A Celebrity...' Australia, as well as his childhood rise to fame on 'Australia's Got Talent' in 2011.

Among references to concerts and sold out shows, two of Kebab's clues on 'The Masked Singer Australia' also pointed to Jack Vidgen's 'Australia Decides 2020' song 'I Am King I Am Queen' - with the statement "a kebab's van is his castle" denoting the home of the two titular monarchs.

Kebab also answered the following upon being asked if they were a boy or a girl:

"Here's what I can say about that. Mostly I'm one but I have been known to be the other"

Very intriguing indeed! This quote can also refer to Jack Vidgen's appearances in drag on social media. The celebrity panellists Dannii Minogue, Dave 'Hughesy' Hughes, Urzila Carlson, and Jackie O guessed that Kebab was Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Courtney Act, or Jack Vidgen.

Could one of them have cracked the code? Some 'Masked Singer' fans also thought Kebab was Jack Vidgen based on the mask's distinctive singing voice - here's what they guessed:

Luckily for Kebab and potentially for Jack Vidgen he survived the first episode with Duster being unmasked and former 'Masterchef Australia' judge George Calombaris being sent home.

The Masked Singer Australia continues on Channel 10 at 7:30pm on Monday and Tuesday.

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