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Eurovision Stars in 'The Masked Singer' Around the World

Following the reveal of Australia’s own 2017 Eurovision entrant Isaiah Firebrace as 'The Wizard’ in the Australian version of 'The Masked Singer', we here at Aussievision taken a trip around the world to discover other Eurovision faces hiding behind the masks, sitting at the panelists table, and even hosting the show within 'The Masked Singer' franchise.

The Masked Singer Australia

'The Masked Singer Australia' made news earlier this week, when Network 10 announced that seven members of staff, including backup dancers, had contracted coronavirus, just prior to the filming of the grand finale. As such, all staff are currently in quarantine.

The show is filmed in Melbourne, Victoria, whose stage four lockdown and nightly curfew are one of the worlds strictest coronavirus responses due to its current second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Australia’s 2017 Eurovision contestant, Isaiah Firebrace, was unmasked as ‘The Wizard’ during Tuesday night’s show. He had performed Katy Perry’s 'Firework' during his first week, Goyte’s 'Somebody That I Used To Know' during his second week, and Pink’s 'Raise Your Glass' in his final performance.

The show is garnering international fans from the Eurovision Song Contest and everyone is pretty adamant that Kate Miller-Heidke is hiding behind the mask of ‘The Queen’.

'The Queen' has so far performed a beautiful version of The Weeknd’s ‘Blinding Lights’, a haunting version of The Rolling Stones’ ‘Paint It Black’, and Marilyn Monroe’s unforgettable anthem in ‘Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend’.

Is Kate Miller-Heidke really behind the mask of ‘The Queen’? And can ‘The Queen’ go on to win it all?

The Masked Singer Austria

'The Masked Singer Austria' was unfortunately put on hiatus after the airing of its very first episode due to the spread of coronavirus. It is currently unknown when the show will be returning to screens, or if any of the contestants are previous Eurovision stars.

Eurovision 2015 hosts (from left to right) Arabella Kiesbauer, Mirjam Weichselbraun and Alice Tumler.

However, what we do know is that during the first episode, Austria’s 2017 Eurovision entrant Nathan Trent was a panelist, and one of the co-hosts of the Eurovision Song Contest 2015, Arabella Kiesbauer, was the show’s presenter.

Маскираният певец (Bulgaria)

The Bulgarian version of 'The Masked Singer' saw its first season broadcast in 2019, with a second season expected to air this year.

Zhana Bergendorff, of the Bulgarian supergroup Equinox, finished second in the show, disguised as ‘The Rose’ (pictured above).

Masked Singer Suomi (Finland)

The Finnish version of 'The Masked Singer' recently saw UMK 2020 contestant Erika Vikman finish third on the show. She was disguised as ‘Ampiainen’ (‘The Wasp’).

Mask Singer (France)

'Mask Singer' aired its first season on TF1 in France in 2019.

France’s 2012 Eurovision entrant Anggun was a panelist throughout the first season of the show.

France’s 2001 Eurovision entrant, the Canadian-born Natasha St-Pier, came fifth on the show, where she was disguised as ‘The Cupcake’.

The Masked Singer (Germany)

'The Masked Singer' has already seen two seasons broadcast in Germany, with a third one already on the way. And the German version of the show has had multiple Eurovision stars.

Germany’s 2004 Eurovision entrant, Max Mutzke, won the first season of the show. He was disguised as ‘The Astronaut’.

Angelo Kelly, who competed in the German national final with ‘The Kelly Family’ in 2002, came eighth during the second season of the show. She was disguised as ‘Kakerlake’ (‘The Cockroach’).

Stefanie Heinzmann won’t be an instantly recognisable name to the regular Eurovision fan, but she came seventh is the 'Free European Song Contest', organized by ProSieben as an alternative to the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 when it was cancelled. She came last in the second season of 'The Masked Singer', where she was disguised as ‘Dalmatiner’ (‘The Dalmation’).

The winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014, Conchita Wurst, made an appearance as a guest panelist in the shows second season.

Masked Singer (Greece)

'Masked Singer Greece' will be coming to Skai TV in 2021, and already has Eurovision surprises for us!

Two-time Greek Eurovision entrant and co-host of the Eurovision Song Contest 2005, Sakis Rouvas, will be the shows presenter.

Last year’s Cypriot Eurovision entrant, Tamta, will be joining on the panelists desk.

Balss Maskā (Latvia)

The recently announced 'Balss Maskā' (Masked Voice) is the Latvian version of 'The Masked Singer' franchise, airing on TV3 Latvia.

Eurovision 2020 singer Samanta Tīna will join the cast of panelists for the shows inaugural season.

A Máscara (Portugal)

'A Máscara' ('The Mask') is the Portuguese version of 'The Masked Singer' franchise, airing on SIC.

The Portuguese version finished its first season of the show this year, and is expected to have a second season upcoming.

Rita Guerra, who represented Portugal at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2003, where she placed 22nd, competed in 'A Máscara' (The Mask), disguised as ‘The Crow’. She won the first season of the show.

Маска (Russia)

'Маска' (Mask) is the Russian version of 'The Masked Singer' franchise, airing on NTV.

The Russian version has aired its first season in 2020, and is planned on having a second season broadcast in 2021.

Two-time third place Eurovision contestant and fan favourite Sergey Lazarev made a guest appearance on the show, where he was disguised as “The Dinosaur”. He sang Philipp Kirkorov’s 'Cruel Love.

Lena Katina, of tATu, came eighth during the season. She was the best member in her group in the first two episodes, where she sang Chicherina’s 'Tu-lu-la' and Lana Del Ray’s 'Young and Beautiful'. She was disguised as “The Spider” during her time on the show.

Often recognised by fans as a member of the Dream Team (a group who collaborate on some of the best placing Eurovision songs of the last decade), Philipp Kirkorov was a panelist on the show.

King of Mask Singer (South Korea)

'King of Mask Singer' is the original version of the franchise the began the worldwide phenomenon, airing on MBC in South Korea.

Unlike other versions of the show, 'King of Mask Singer' isn’t split into seasons, and is as such just an ongoing reality program.

Australia’s own Dami Im, winner of the jury vote at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2016 with 'Sound of Silence', was a runner up when she was on the South Korean version of the show, where she was disguised as “The Statue of Liberty”.

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