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Eurovision 2022: Semi Final 1 Results

Subwoolfer competing for Norway this evening. Photo Credit: EBU/ Corinne Cumming

The first semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 took place in Turin this evening/morning, and the first ten qualifiers into the Grand Final were announced. Australia is set to compete on Friday morning (in Australia) during semi-final 2.

The ten countries that qualified for the grand final from this morning’s semi-final were:

  • Switzerland

  • Armenia

  • Iceland

  • Lithuania

  • Portugal

  • Norway

  • Greece

  • Ukraine

  • Moldova

  • The Netherlands

These results were announced in a random order and are not indicative of where they came in the semi-final.

Notably the show was opened by the fiery Ronela Hajati for Albania, closed by Rosa Linn for Armenia and big talking point of the contest Kalush Orchestra for Ukraine also performed in this semi-final.

The semi-final was opened with a number showcasing Italian ingenuity and creativity. After all the performances closed we were treated to Italian club bangers 'Horizon in Your Eyes', 'Satisfaction' and 'Golden Nights' performed by Dardust, Benny Benassi and Sophie and the Giants, in the Dance of Beauty interval act, read all about it here.

Diodato performed 'Fai rumore' during semi final 1

Most notably - Italian Eurovision representative Diodato performed 'Fai rumore' to an absolutely sensational standing ovation. Diodato was to perform in the 2020 Contest before its cancellation due to the pandemic, he how now been able to perform his entry on an official Eurovision stage!

Check out our video review of the Eurovision 2022 semi-final 1 show, we run through the qualifiers, some of the shock non-qualifiers and talk about the overall show:

After the show the semi-final 1 acts drew which half of the Grand Final they are set to compete in.

The acts from semi-final 1 that will perform in the first half of the Grand Final are Armenia, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Switzerland and Ukraine. They are joined in the first half by Italy, France and Spain from the Big 5.

The acts from semi-final 1 that will perform in the second half of the Grand Final are Greece, Iceland, Lithuania and Moldova. They are joined in the second half by the UK from the Big 5.

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