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Eurovision 2024 results: Nemo wins for Switzerland

Image Source: EBU/Corinne Cumming

Nemo has won the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest for Switzerland with ‘The Code'.

They won with a total of 591 points - 365 from the juries (1st) and 226 (5th) from the televote.

Runner-up was Croatia's Baby Lasagna, with 'Rim Tim Tagi Dim' winning the televote and coming 3rd with the juries for a total of 547 points.

Ukraine's alyona alyona and Jerry Heil took 3rd place, finishing fifth with the juries and coming third in the televote with 'Teresa & Maria' finishing on a total of 453 points.

Nemo delivers Switzerland their third win. Lys Assia won the first ever Eurovision Song Contest for Switzerland in 1956 and Céline Dion also won for the Swiss in 1988.

The final was opened by Björn Skifs performing 'Hooked on a Feeling', followed by the flag parade, introducing the finalists, set to a medley of well-known Swedish hits. The interval acts included Alcazar performing 'Crying at the Discoteque', a tribute performance of the 1974 winning song 'Waterloo' by past winners – Carola (Sweden 1991), Charlotte Perrelli (Sweden 1999) and Conchita Wurst (Austria 2014); and Loreen performing her new single 'Forever' and 2023 winning song 'Tattoo'.

In a first for the Eurovision Song Contest, only 25 countries took to the stage for the Grand Final after Netherlands' Joost Klein was sensationally disqualified from the competition just hours before the show.

22 countries gave Switzerland the full 12 points in the jury vote and they were awarded 10 points by the Australian jury. In fact Switzerland received jury points from every single country taking part in this year's contest!

They also received televote points from every country except Israel although only one country's televote (Sweden) awarded them the full 12 points. The Australian public awarded Switzerland 7 points.

Switzerland also received 6 points from the Rest of the World, a combined score derived from the votes of viewers residing in countries other than those participating in the contest.

The overall Top 10 results:

1. Switzerland - 591 points

2. Croatia - 547 points

3. Ukraine - 453 points

4. France - 445 points

5. Israel - 375 points

6. Ireland - 278 points

7. Italy - 268 points

8. Armenia - 183 points

9. Sweden - 174 points

10. Portugal - 152 points

Image Source: EBU/Corinne Cumming

The jury Top 10 results:

1. Switzerland - 365 points

2. France - 218 points

3. Croatia - 210 points

4. Italy - 164 points

5. Ukraine - 146 points

6. Ireland - 142 points

7. Portugal - 139 points

8. Sweden - 125 points

9. Armenia - 101 points

10. Germany - 99 points

The televote Top 10 results:

1. Croatia - 337 points

2. Israel - 323 points

3. Ukraine - 307 points

4. France - 227 points

5. Switzerland - 226 points

6. Ireland - 136 points

7. Italy - 104 points

8. Greece - 85 points

9. Armenia - 82 points

10. Lithuania - 58 points

About the artist

Nemo Mettler, 24, is a non-binary Swiss rapper and singer who also plays violin, piano and drums.

They released their debut EP in 2015 and in 2017 released single 'Du' which reached Number 4 in Switzerland.

They have also appeared on the 'The Masked Singer Switzerland' in 2021/22, finishing fifth.

About the song

'The Code' was written by Nemo in conjunction with Benjamin Alasu, Lasse Midtsian Nymann and Linda Dale.

Described by Nemo as a song that details their experience coming to terms with their non-binary identity, it has been described by the BBC as a 'drum and bass opera'. According to Nemo, when accepting that they didn't 'feel like a man or a woman...I had to break a few codes.'

Check out Dale and Mike from the Aussievision team's reaction to the live results:

Australia in Semi-Final 1

After full results were released, it can be revealed that Australia finished 11th in Semi-Final 1 on 41 points, narrowly missing the final by 6 points.

Who voted for Australia? (Televote only)

Australia received 5 points from Ukraine, United Kingdom and Finland

4 points from Sweden, Ireland and Germany

3 points from Luxembourg

2 points from Rest of the World, Portugal, Poland, Lithuania and Iceland

1 point from Moldova

A total of 41 points from the televote.

Australian televoters gave their points to -

12 - Croatia

10 - Ireland

8 - Ukraine

7 - Cyprus

6 - Lithuania

5 - Finland

4 - Luxembourg

3 - Slovenia

2 - Portugal

1 - Poland

How Australia voted in the Grand Final

Australian Jury

12 - Ireland

10 - Switzerland

8 - Croatia

7 - Italy

6 - Cyprus

5 - Sweden

4 - United Kingdom

3 - Finland

2 - Luxembourg

1 - Ukraine

Australian Televote

12 - Israel

10 - Croatia

8 - Ireland

7 - Switzerland

6 - Ukraine

5 - Cyprus

4 - Finland

3 - Greece

2 - France

1 - Armenia

Silia Kapsis & Cyprus result

Australia's Silia Kapsis finished in 15th place for Cyprus! 'Liar' came 16th with the juries (34 points) and 12th with the televote (44 points) for a total of 78 points!

The Australian public ranked Cyprus 5th (5 points) and our jury also awarded 6 points to Cyprus.

Marcel Bezençon Awards

Before the show the annual Marcel Bezençon Awards were handed out by contest producer Christer Björkman. The Press Award was awarded to Croatia's Baby Lasagna for 'Rim Tim Tagi Dim'.

The Artistic Award, as voted for by the commentators from each participating broadcaster, was given to Switzerland's Nemo, for 'The Code'. 'The Code' also won the Composer Award, which is presented to an entry's composers, and voted on by all participating composers. This year, the award was presented to the song's writers Benjamin Alasu, Lasse Midtsian Nymann, Linda Dale and Nemo Mettler.

Image Source: EBU/Corinne Cumming

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