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Eurovision 2024: Grand final running order revealed

The official running order of the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final has been announced by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).

Host country Sweden will open proceedings after randomly drawing the opening slot at a Head of Delegation meeting on 11 March. Austria will close the show whilst Australia's Silia Kapsis representing Cyprus will perform 20th.

The full running order is as follows:

1. Sweden

2. Ukraine

3. Germany

4. Luxembourg

5. Netherlands

6. Israel

7. Lithuania

8. Spain

9. Estonia

10. Ireland

11. Latvia

12. Greece

13. United Kingdom

14. Norway

15. Italy

16. Serbia

17. Finland

18. Portugal

19. Armenia

20. Cyprus

21. Switzerland

22. Slovenia

23. Croatia

24. Georgia

25. France

26. Austria

How was the Grand Final running order decided?

After both semi-finals, the countries that qualified drew in which part of the Grand Final they would perform. The choices were to perform in the First Half, the Second Half, or for the first time at Eurovision, a Producer's Choice option. This meant that host broadcaster SVT would decide which position of the running order they would perform in.

The Big Five countries completed this process after their second rehearsal on May 4.

Last year's winner Sweden drew specifically what number they would be performing in the Grand Final at the Head of Delegation's meeting on March 11. As previously mentioned they drew 1st position and will open the show.

Once it was known what each act had drawn, the show's producers structured the acts in the order they believe will make for the best viewing experience. However logistics also need to be taken into account as some acts require more stage preparation time than others.

The Grand Final will take place this Saturday 11th May European time. Australians can watch the contest live on SBS at 5:00 am Sunday 12th May AEST. They can also watch a replay later that day on SBS at 7:30pm AEST, or from 3pm onwards on SBS On Demand.

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Toats Whatevs
Toats Whatevs
May 10

After Ireland and before Greece is a rough spot for Latvia. I would have swapped them and Ukraine. I think Ukraine would have been able to hold their own in that spot.

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