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Eurovision 2024: Major changes to Grand Final running order announced

Overnight, Eurovision 2024 organisers announced a major change to the Grand Final draw.

Previously, after qualifying, artists would draw out either first half or second half options with the producers deciding where in that half they would perform.

This year, a third option will be used: the producer's choice.

The aroducer's choice means just that: the producer of the show can decide where an act will perform anywhere in the line-up. This means they can place an act first or second half.

There will be 13 producer's choice slots, 6 first half slots and 6 second half slots.

Christer Björkman, who is the Contest Producer in Malmö, explains why they've added this change:

“It's all about creating the best TV show possible and giving all artists a chance to shine. In previous years, with just the First Half and Second Half draws you might find many ballads ended up in the same part of the show or many favourites were drawn to perform in the same half. Adding the flexibility of Producer’s Choice gives me the ability to create an even better flow of different tempos and an even more thrilling Grand Final.”

The choice has had a mixed response with just under half of all reactions on the Eurovision's Facebook page having a response.

In an Aussievision poll of fans on X, just 11% support it, 46% oppose the decision, while the remaining 43% are neutral.

You can make you feelings known below:

Do you support the addition of a producer's choice?

  • Yes, I support it

  • Neutral

  • No, I'm against it

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