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Could the "Baby" on 'The Masked Singer Australia' have a Eurovision connection?

Image credit: Channel Ten

Tonight was the fourth episode of the Channel 10 series 'The Masked Singer Australia'.

The Baby mask was one of the performers on tonight's shows and fans think there may be a second Eurovision-related connection under the mask.

After more clues on tonight's show, viewers have put the pieces together and believe that 'Eurovision - Australia Decides 2019' star Ella Hooper is under the Baby mask.

Many fans deduced that multiple clues pointed to Ella Hooper's hometown of Violet Town, Victoria, Australia. Violet is both a flower ("I love flowers, I've been around them all my life") and a crystal ("I crystallised it in my beliefs"). But what could some of the other clues mean? The Aussievision super sleuths are on the case - scroll down to find out more!

  • "I'm wise beyond my years, there's nothing school can teach me" - Ella Hooper left school after Year 11 to focus on touring with her band Killing Heidi after finding success with the band at a young age.

  • "My beliefs are broad" - Ella toured with the all-female musical lineup of Broad in 2006.

  • "I've been front and centre" - Ella hosts a podcast called 'Front and Centre', available to download on the LiSTNR app.

  • "I hate perfection - it makes me go wah! Wah!" - this quote could refer to Killing Heidi's record label Wah-Wah.

  • Some police and prison-themed references were included in tonight's clues: this could refer to Ella releasing her own version of the song 'On The Inside' - the theme song to the TV series 'Prisoner'.

  • Babies were multiplying on our TV screens: this could refer to Ella's role as a host, mentor, and MC for the Telstra Road to Discovery in 2012. This program scours the country for the next generation of singing and songwriting talent.

  • ABC blocks were shown in tonight's clue package: Ella was one of the team captains of the 2014 revival of the ABC show 'Spicks and Specks'

The 'Masked Singer Mind Reader' revealed a calendar with the dates January 30 and January 31 circled. Baby went on to explain "I have a special day every year, sometimes two". While Ella's birthday is on January 30, and Killing Heidi's song 'Mascara' hit number 1 on the ARIA charts on January 30, 2000, viewers were left scratching their head regarding the other date.

Baby was not the only mask that viewers thought belonged to an 'Australia Decides' star - fans have also been speculating that the Kebab mask could possibly be 'I Am King, I Am Queen' singer Jack Vidgen.

Fortunately for Baby and potentially for Ella Hooper, the mask is safe to sing another day as the Piñata mask was eliminated from the competition and former rugby player Lote Tuqiri was unmasked.

'The Masked Singer Australia' airs on Channel 10 on Monday, Tuesday, and Sunday nights at 7:30pm.


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