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American Song Contest: The country, folk and rock artists

Jonah Prill, Kelsey Lamb, Ryan Charles

Earlier this month saw the 56 artists competing in the inaugural American Song Contest revealed!

The artists included some huge worldwide names like Michael Bolton, Jewel, Sisqo and Macy Gray.

But it's the other 52 artists that are really intriguing.

They come from a variety of genres and background, from those with millions of streams and followers to those with just a few hundred.

We are going through all the artists by genre and after tackling pop, we want to look at the artists representing country, folk and rock.

(Please note the songs shown are just examples of their work, not what they will be taking to the contest).

Arkansas: Kelsey Lamb

Kelsey is from Little Rock, Arkansas and is country singer who racked up millions of streams from her recent singles 'Talk to Me', 'Where Do You Go' and 'Little By Little'. She also acts, appearing in 'Christmas in Homestead', 'Traces', 'A Very Country Christmas' and 'Christmas Wedding Planner'.

Idaho: Andrew Sheppard

From Hailey, Idaho, Andrew represents heartland 'Americana' rock. He is a singer songwriter who has been working for over a decade with his latest album, 'Steady Your Aim', released in 2018.

Maine: King Kyote

From Portland, Maine, King Kyote is an experience musician who has toured extensively around the country with acts such as Ghosts of Paul Revere, Rustic Overtones and The Mallet Brothers Band.

Montana: Jonah Prill

From Billings in Montana, Jonah has gained a huge following of millions on TikTok showing his country "cowboy" lifestyle and his journey to become a country musician. His grandfather is country singer Dean Evans and he is inspired by Garth Brooks.

North Carolina: John Morgan

Originally from Sylva, North Carolina, John sold everything he owned to move to Nashville. He did well, getting signed by country superstar. He has written for Jason Aldean & Carrie Underwood.

North Dakota: Chloe Fredericks

Chloe grew up on a ranch in North Dakota and is inspired by Sheryl Crow, Bob Dylan, Kasey Musgraves and Amy Winehouse. She released her first EP in 2019 and released a further two singles in 2021.

South Dakota: Judd Hoos

More in the indie rock genre (with some pop and ska thrown in), the group Judd Hoos were formed back in 2004. They have toured extensively, released a tonne of music over the years and have shared the stage with Billy Idol.

Tennessee: Tyler Braden

It is no surprise to see Tennessee represented by a country singer. Tyler is originally from Alabama but now lives in country music's capital Nashville. He is an up and coming star with 70 million streams to his name, major tours and has made his debut at the Grand Ole Opry. He also works as firefighter.

Utah: Savannah Keyes

Savannah's career kickstarted with an appearance on Ellen De Generes show at just 13-years-old. She moved from Sandy, Utah to Nashville at 16 after signing recording deal. Has appeared in the Music Row, Nashville episode of 'Streets of Dreams' TV doc about influential streets. She is also a Radio Disney host and correspondent.

Vermont: Josh Panda

Josh comes from a musical family, his mother was the pianist and star of a touring gospel trio with her sister and mother. He has performed in US, Europe and Canada, is known for his seamless four octave vocal range and covers a range of wide range of genres including country, pop, Americana, soul, blues, disco and rock

Wyoming: Ryan Charles

Originally from Buffalo, Wyoming, Ryan brings a cowboy rap to the American Song Contest. He now lives in Nashville and released two singles of his unique style, 'Gettin' Western' and 'Old Dirty Fancy'. He is sure to grab your attention during the contest.

You can find out more about the artists of the American Song Contest in our article here or on the official website. The contest kicks off on March 21.


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