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American Song Contest songs ranked by Spotify streams

It's been over six months since the inaugural American Song Contest began and we here at Aussievision decided to check in and see which of the 56 songs have had the most Spotify streams with some very interesting results!

Top 20 American Song Contest songs by Spotify streams as of 3 October 2022:

  1. Oklahoma - 'Wonderland' - AleXa - 11,099,299 streams

  2. Georgia - 'DIY' - Stela Cole - 2,374,930

  3. Wyoming - 'New Boot Goofin' - Ryan Charles - 1,275,664

  4. Washington - 'A Bit of Both' - Allen Stone - 977,465

  5. Connecticut - 'Beautiful World' - Michael Bolton - 913,723

  6. New Jersey - 'I Don't Take Pictures Anymore' - Brooke Alexx - 852,825

  7. Colorado - 'Feel The Love' - Riker Lynch - 633,198

  8. Tennessee - 'Seventeen' - Tyler Braden - 622,591

  9. New York - 'Green Light' - Enisa - 589,790

  10. Minnesota - 'Ready To Go' - Yam Haus - 535,576

  11. Rhode Island - 'Held on Too Long' - Hueston - 501,099

  12. Texas - 'Mr Independent' - Grant Knoche - 490,889

  13. Montana - 'Fire It Up' - Jonah Prill - 412,020

  14. North Carolina - 'Right In The Middle' - John Morgan - 400,512

  15. Kansas - 'Tell Me' - Broderick Jones - 332,354

  16. Arizona - 'From La Finikera' - Las Marias - 321,023

  17. Oregon - 'Million Dollar Smoothies' - courtship. - 232,968

  18. Kentucky - 'Sparrow' - Jordan Smith - 215,729

  19. Puerto Rico - 'LOKO' - Christian Pagan - 205,843

  20. Arkansas - 'Never Like This' - Kelsey Lamb - 201,705

Not surprisingly, contest winner AleXa is miles ahead with over 11 million streams for 'Wonderland' since its release in late March. The K-pop track reached Number 38 on the U.S. Billboard chart and also received airplay on the iHeartRadio network. The official video has also had over 7 million views on YouTube.

In second place, is Georgia's Stela Cole with 'DIY' sitting on just over 2.3 million streams. Quite a remarkable feat when the song dropped out of the competition in the second semi-final. Stela is a hugely popular artist on Spotify with several of her singles having had over one million streams.

In third place and the only other song to have had more than one million streams is fan favourite 'New Boot Goofin' by Wyoming's Ryan Charles. The track originally failed to progress from semi-final 1 but was chosen as the first redemption pick based on the number of online streams it received. 'New Boot Goofin'' returned to the competition in semi-final 1 before it bowed out again.

So what can we make from these results?

Not all of the songs that made it to the Grand Final have had a high number of streams. Three of the ten Grand Finalists failed to make the Top 20 although Alabama's Ni/Co came in at 21st with 'The Difference' at 176,419 streams. 'Can't Make You Love Me' by North Dakota's Chloe Fredericks was in 24th with 145,867 streams.

New Jersey's Brooke Alexx has been the big winner of the competition despite 'I Don't Take Pictures Anymore' failing to make it past the qualifiers. The song from the popular TikTok artist has had 852,825 streams and finishes 6th on the list.

Other songs with high streams that didn't make the finals were 'Ready To Go' by Minnesota's Yam Haus (535,576), 'From La Finikera' by Arizona's Las Marias (321,023), 'Million Dollar Smoothies' by Oregon's courtship. (232,968). and 'Never Like This' by Arkansas' Kelsey Lamb (201,705).

Country artists seem to have fared best from the American Song Contest with good streaming results for all of the songs in this genre - Tyler Braden (7th), Jonah Prill (13th), John Morgan (14th), Kelsey Lamb (20th), Chloe Fredericks (24th) and Savannah Keyes (29th).

Many of these artists already had established fanbases which shows fans of this genre are very loyal and have continued to stream well after the contest was over. Perhaps these songs were also the most universally appealing to viewers who hadn't heard them before due to the unique storytelling that is intrinsic to the country genre.

Future of the American Song Contest?

No official announcement has been made regarding the organisation and timing of the competition for 2023.

Watch this space!

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