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American Song Contest: Our public poll results

This week will see the Grand Final of the American Song Contest after eight weeks of qualifying rounds and semi-finals.

We got fans from Australia (and abroad) to vote for their favourites entries in the American Song Contest Grand Final.

Each fan was given up to 5 televotes to use in any way they like, including voting for an entry more than once.

The results are in and here is who the public have picked as their winner of the American Song Contest!

9. Tennessee: Tyler Braden - 'Seventeen' (3%)

=8. Connecticut: Michael Bolton - 'Beautiful World' (5%)

=8. Kentucky: Jordan Smith - 'Sparrow' (5%)

7. Colorado: Riker Lynch - 'Feel The Love' (6%)

6. North Dakota: Chloe Fredericks - 'Can't Make You Love Me' - (7%)

5. American Samoa: Tenelle - 'Full Circle' - (8%)

4. Washington: Allen Stone - 'A Bit of Both' (9%)

Top 3

3. Alabama: Ni/Co - 'The Difference' (11%)

2. Texas: Grant Knoche - 'Mr Independent' (19%)

1. Oklahoma: AleXa - 'Wonderland' (28%)

So there you have it, AleXA from Oklahoma is your pick as the winner of the American Song Contest for 2022. 'Wonderland' received 28% of the vote, a clear 9% ahead of Grant Knoche from Texas.

But indicating just what a quality field we have in the Grand Final, the votes were very evenly split between the bottom seven songs with only a handful of votes determining the final placements.

Who will take out the title of America's Best Original Song? All will be revealed in just a couple of days time!

The American Song Contest Grand Final starts at 8:00 pm Eastern Time in the United States, which is 10:00am AEST here in Australia on Tuesday 10 May.


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