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Norway Melodi Grand Prix Semi Final 5 - Aussievision picks

This weekend is the fifth semi final of the Norwegian national final 'Melodi Grand Prix'.

This semi final features artists from 'Northern Norway' who will compete in head to head battles for a place in the Grand Final.

The songs and artists were released earlier this week, and the Aussievision team each chose their favourite entries...

1st place: Elin & The Woods- ‘We Are As One’ (6 votes)

Fleur: "Two songs stood out for me this week. This was one of them. I was really looking forward to hearing a song like this, and Elin & The Woods have delivered. You can tell this is from Northern Norway with Elin’s joiking. It is a contemporary song with electronic pop flavours featured throughout it and I can envision this on the Eurovision stage with the incredible staging. It may need a slight revamp but overall, it is a great package. I really enjoyed this song on my first listen. I am going to say ‘We Are As One’ is my favourite song from the semi finals. Keiino have certainly paved the way for artists like Elin & The Woods to succeed in this competition and that is fantastic to see.

Aaron: " I’m super pleased to see Elin and The Woods back. This song is a more contemporary entry than ‘First Step In Faith,’ but the same strong presence from Elin shines through. Keiino’s win last year showed Norway, and indeed Europe, is ready to embrace well-put-together folk-pop and this does a good job. Some violins would have made this work on a Lindsay Stirling album, which might be why I think it’s missing something despite being the best here."

Liv: "Nice number with some mysterious vibes to built staging on. Has touches of folk and Lindsey Stirling which I am all for. Can imagine this building much more live - I hope it kicks it up a notch." 

Steve: “Well, I’m not a big fan of any of the four competing songs in this semi-final, but at a push I’d go for ‘We Are One’ and the ethereal, slightly eerie even, electro sounds of Elin & The Woods. The haunting melody and the non-English parts are the song’s strongest components.”

Kyriakos: "The most captivating song for me has to be 'We Are The One'. The Elin's voice is unique and the song is really catchy. I love the electropop blend together with the joik verses. It's a very fluid song and I can picture some very exciting staging."

Guy: No comments but this was his vote.

2nd: Kevin Boine - 'Stem pa mae' (2 votes)

Emma: "Such different styles here – strangely enough my top song is actually Stem pa mae by Kevin Boine! Reminds me a bit of something that Samir & Viktor would release.  I feel like they threw everything but the kitchen sink at this song with the yodelling & tempo changes.

It almost made me laugh at times with its quirkiness but strangely enough this is the song that I would most go back to and listen again and I could see people really chanting along to this too. It’s definitely not boring and that’s what makes it stand out from the bunch this week.

Dale: "This is fun and upbeat and a real mix of styles. It's a bit like omelette it's a mix of weird flavours and elements that shouldn't work, but it ends up as a tasty treat! Love the tempo slow down and build up and the fact in it's not in English as well. Would love this fun little bop to get through!"

3rd: Liza Vassilieva- ‘I Am Gay’ (1 vote)

Mike: "lol"

4th: Jenny Jenssen- ‘Mr. Hello’ (0 votes)

The fifth and final semi final takes place 19:50 CET Saturday 1 February which is 05:50 AEDT Sunday 26 January. You can watch it live at

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