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Melodi Grand Prix 2020 Northern Norway artists announced

Norsk Rikskringkasting (NRK) have announced the 4 artists and songs that will compete in the Northern Norway Semi of Melodi Grand Prix (MGP) this Saturday February 08 (Sunday February 09, Australian time). This is last semi final for the competition.

They are:

  • Elin & The Woods- ‘We Are As One’

  • Jenny Jenssen- ‘Mr. Hello’

  • Kevin Boine- ‘Stem på mæ’

  • Liza Vassilieva- ‘I Am Gay’

The songs are available on Spotify, you can find them in this playlist.

The winner of the semi will join Raylee, Rein Alexander, Kristin Husøy and Magnus Bokn along with the 5 pre-qualifiers in the Final. The Final for Melodi Grand Prix will take place on February 15 (February 16, Australian time) at the Trondheim Spektrum.

Magnus Bokn won the Western Norway Semi over the weekend.

Tone Damli will perform her song ‘Hurts Sometimes’ during this weekend’s competition. Tone is quite well known in Norway and is arguably the biggest name in this year’s competition. She was the runner-up in the Norwegian version of ‘Idol’ in 2005. She also finished second to eventual Eurovision winner Alexander Rybak at MGP in 2009 with ‘Butterflies’. Tone Damli has a Melodifestivalen credential in her resumé as well with ‘Hello Goodbye’, which she performed with Erik Segerstedt. They made the Andra Chansen final in 2013.

Furthermore, she finished third in the Norwegian version of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ in 2006. Tone Damli has released four albums, Bliss, Sweet Fever, I Know, and Cocool, with Bliss and I Know reaching gold certification.

You can watch Semi Final - Northern Norway on February 08 at 19:50 CET in Europe and on February 09 at 05:50 AEDT in Australia. Watch it online here:


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