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New music from Australian Eurovision artists: September 2023

Today we look back at all the latest music releases and music videos from Australian Eurovision, Junior Eurovision and ‘Eurovision - Australia Decides’ artists throughout September 2023.

Album and EP releases

LeeA - 'Switch Profile' EP

Released: 1 September 2023

Australia Decides star Leea Nanos (stylised as 'LeeA') has released her debut EP 'Switch Profile'. The young talent showcased the new EP at a launch in Melbourne. The Aussievision team had the pleasure of joining the launch. Check out all LeeA had to say about her new release and more here.

Dami Im - 'Live Sessions - Bluesfest Byron Bay' EP

Released: 15 September 2023

Eurovision royalty Dami Im has released an all new live EP, 'Live Session – Bluesfest Byron Bay' which features six tracks recorded at the iconic festival.

The EP provides a snapshot of her dynamic 2023 performance, where she sang and played piano alongside her six-piece band on the renowned Mojo stage. The star fulfilled a long time dream of performing at the Bluesfest Byron Bay. Read more about the new release in our feature article here.

Olivia Newton-John - 'Happy 75th Birthday' EP

Released: 25 September 2023

Eurovision 1974 star Olivia Newton-John has has a new EP released posthumously to celebrate what would have been her 75th birthday. The release includes her 1981 global No. 1 hit 'Physical', her first commercial success in the US, 'Let Me Be There', and many more beloved releases.

Tania Doko - 'The Beauty's In The Broken' EP

Released: 29 September 2023

The talented Tania Doko has released her latest EP, 'The Beauty's in the Broken'. The EP includes two single releases the stunning pop track 'Harder Now' and the touching ballad 'Where Do We Go Now?'. The EP has been released for digital download, on music streaming platforms and is available in physical format from Tania's online store, which you can get here with a signed poster and t-shirt.

Tania has already performed in Melbourne for her ‘The Beauty’s in the Broken’ live show with a five-piece band. Tania will be performing in Sydney on October 6, you can get tickets here.

Single music releases

Johnny Manuel - 'Molotov'

(Aidan Powell / Johnny Manuel / Mischa Mandel)

Released: 1 September 2023

Eurovision 2018 artist Johnny Manuel has released his latest single 'Molotov' which is off his upcoming EP 'Blue'. 'Molotov' was co-written by Johnny along with Aidan Laprete and Mischa Mandel.

In a statement with Glaad Johnny shared the meaning behind the song:

“‘Molotov’ is about rebuilding after you’ve burned it all to ashes. However that looks and feels for you. It’s about building a new life, a new mode of thinking, a new career, a new business, a new relationship with yourself. It’s about ridding yourself of the negativity and rebuilding yourself anew. I had to burn down my past trauma, and the doubt and pain other people had created in me throughout the years. I had to burn down all my past resentments, frustrations and disappointments before I could start constructing this new version of myself.”

'Molotov' is the second song off 'Blue', the first single 'End of the Night' came out back in June 2023. 'Blue' EP is due for release on October 13.

Vanessa Amorosi - 'Wolf'

(Dave Stewart / Vanessa Amorosi)

Released: 1 September 2023

'Eurovision - Australia Decides' 2020 star Vanessa Amorosi has released a new single, 'Wolf'. 'Wolf' sees Vanessa start a new era in her music career.

In September Vanessa returned to Australia for the 'Australian Women in Music Awards' (AWMA Awards) held in Brisbane. Vanessa was the recipient of the AWMA Inspiration Award.

At the AWMA Awards Vanessa also debuted her song 'Don't Judge Me' also off her new eighth album 'Memphis Love', set for release on November 17, 2023. You can pre-save or pre-order the album here.

Amy Sheppard - 'Overthinking'

(Amy Sheppard / Lindsay Rimes / Phil Barton)

Released: 8 September 2023

Amy Sheppard who is part of the band Sheppard from 'Eurovision - Australia Decides' 2019 has released her latest single 'Overthinking'. The single is the newest solo music from Amy since the release of her debut EP 'Nothing But Wild' back in September 2022.

The song was released as Sheppard shared the big news that the band will be relocating to Nashville in the US. The band just wrapped up a two week residency at Movie World in the Gold Coast.

Ella Hooper - 'Oh My Goddess!'

(Ella Hooper)

Released: 8 September 2023

'Eurovision - Australia Decides' 2019 artist Ella Hooper has released her latest single 'Oh My Goddess!' taken off her January released studio album 'Small Town Temple'. 'Oh My Goddess!' is a self-penned track by Ella. The release coincides with the new tour by Ella fittingly called the Oh My Goddess! Tour. The tour sees Ella travel across Australia starting in Beechworth on October 27 and ending in Sunshine Beach on December 3. Get all the details here.

Evie Irie - 'Berlin Bitch'

(Evie Irie)

Released: 15 September 2023

'Eurovision - Australia Decides' 2022 artist Evie Irie has released her follow up single, 'Berlin Bitch' after she dropped 'I Want It (Danny Devito)' back in July this year. 'Berlin Bitch' is a banging party song which throws punches with a SUPER catchy chorus.

Jordan Anthony - 'Loving U Is Easy'

(Jordan Anthony)

Released: 22 September 2023

Junior Eurovision 2018 artist Jordan Anthony has released a new self penned pop track with 'Loving U Is Easy'.

The young Perth-based artist has also revealed he will be performing live in a one off show at the Ellington Jazz Club in Perth on November 1. Jordan will be accompanied by an incredible band of talented musicians. Get all the details and tickets to the show here.

Check out all the upcoming new music:

  • Vanessa Amorosi - 'Memphis Love' album - 17 November 2023

  • Johnny Manuel - 'Blue' EP - 13 October 2023

  • Jessica Mauboy - 'Yours Forever' Album - 9 February 2024

  • Sheppard - (new album) TBC

  • Andrew Lambrou - (new single) TBC

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