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Former Australia Decides artist LeeA releases debut EP 'Switch Profile'

Photo Credit: Leea Nanos/David Thompson

Australia Decides star Leea Nanos (stylised as 'LeeA') leads the charge for independent, upcoming artists in Australia with the release of her debut EP 'Switch Profile'.

At just 16-years-old she participated in the inaugural Australian National Final with 'Set Me Free' in 2019, placing 9th. She backed up her Eurovision success by co-writing G-Nat!on's 2022 entry 'Bite Me', placing 5th in a very competitive field.

In the next chapter of her career, LeeA dropped her new EP today featuring five new songs and music videos, stream the songs here:

  • 'Get Out My Way'

  • 'Sayonara'

  • 'NBA Star'

  • 'City Boys Up'

  • 'Player'

The Aussievision team was delighted to be invited to the premiere of the songs on 30 August, getting a special early preview and experiencing the songs on the big screen of a cinema, a sold out event! A unique way to absorb music for the first time, mingle with other music professionals and create a special moment. It's wonderful to see an upcoming Aussie artist exploring new and exciting ideas in the industry.

Aussievision team members Kiel, Liv & Fleur with LeeA

Fans of LeeA are aware of her love of K-Pop, she even auditioned for established idol girl group Blackswan, making it to the pointy end of auditions. The EP draws from K-pop sounds, iconography and aesthetic - a true Aussie-K-Pop interpretation. LeeA describes the initial tracks being quite sad and melancholic when she decided to "switch it up" and lean into fun, pop and vibrance, writing new tunes - hence the EP title 'Switch Profile'.

We spoke to LeeA at the premiere about the sound:

"It's very futuristic, I wanted to really do something that wasn't done before and a lot of the songs are really unique. They have Korean, Japanese - I really wanted to break Asia."

She also hints to a new project in Asia but we will have to watch and wait for details.

Of course most Eurovision fans are eager to know if LeeA is dipping her toes into the Eurovision Song Contest or Australia Decides again, this is what she had to say:

"...something is in the works that is highly confidential at the moment, but let's just say the vibe of the music video and the vibe of the songs - they're probably coming to Eurovision... Eurovision is my family so I would be honoured [to compete] - I would like to try for Greece or Cyprus. There has been some speculation for a couple of years about that with me. Let's pray something for the future comes about."

LeeA is of Greek heritage and would be keen to follow in the footsteps of Andrew Lambrou, Eleni Foureira, Stefania, Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord, Andromache and Katerine Duska in recent years - representing Greece or Cyprus with other national backgrounds.

We wish LeeA the best with her Eurovision endeavours - check out her website, browse through her TikTok, watch her music videos, covers, and reactions on her YouTube, or listen to her music on Spotify.


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