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Jamala delivers emotional performance of '1944' at German Eurovision selection

This morning, Jamala delivered an emotional performance of her Eurovision 2016 song '1944'.

The Ukrainian star fled the country in the last week due to the ongoing war with Russia.

She appeared on 'Germany 12 Points', the national selection show of Germany for Eurovision 2022 in Turin.

She walked on stage with a Ukrainian flag to a standing ovation from the crowd.

The crowd remained on their feet for the emotional performance with Jamala sharing her feelings afterwards, saying:

"It’s a war that’s happening at the heart of Europe. I want us to stand together and end this aggression."

Just two weeks ago, Jamala was judging the Eurovision national selection show 'Vidbir', she then fled Ukraine for Romania sharing her experience on Instagram saying:

"So, five days from the moment when the invaders from Russia attacked Ukraine! On the 24th at night, we left Kyiv with the children, spent almost four days in the car, on spontaneous halts, really without food, which no one even thought to take in a state of shock. 2km in four hours - approximately so we moved. "Why?" you ask. Yes, just millions of women and children, leaving everything, their apartments, things ... yes, everything! Leaving their husbands to defend the country, they run to save their children from shells."

Many other Ukrainian stars have been impacted or have made statements and actions against the war.


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