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Ukrainian Eurovision artists make statements and take action against war

Over the last week, Aussie Eurovision fans have had much of their focus on who will represent Australia in Turin.

But, as we all know, the conflict in Ukraine has been a shocking event that is impacting the country and its citizens severely.

Eurovision artists are no exception to this and many have taken to social media to share their messages or experiences.

We think it is important to share these and catch up Aussie fans on what has been happening abroad.

Jamala (Eurovision 2016)

The Eurovision winner from 2016 is now a refugee.

Just two weeks after judging the Eurovision national selection show 'Vidbir', Jamala fled Ukraine for Romania sharing her experience on Instagram saying.

"So, five days from the moment when the invaders from Russia attacked Ukraine! On the 24th at night, we left Kyiv with the children, spent almost four days in the car, on spontaneous halts, really without food, which no one even thought to take in a state of shock. 2km in four hours - approximately so we moved. "Why?" you ask. Yes, just millions of women and children, leaving everything, their apartments, things ... yes, everything! Leaving their husbands to defend the country, they run to save their children from shells."

This week it was revealed that Jamala and her two children are safe in Istanbul with her sister.

Kalush Orchestra (Eurovision 2022)

The current Eurovision 2022 favourites have put down their microphones and instruments and taken up arms in their home town of Kalush.

The group's founder Oleh Psiuk, told Sky News:

"My day-to-day life has changed. Now I've been working with a volunteer team. We are helping people to go far away from Ukraine, to find food for those who need it. My girlfriend today was making the Molotov cocktails, and it was the first time she was doing something like that. It's very scary for all of us."

Verka Serduchka (Eurovision 2007)

The character Verka Serduchka (runner-up Eurovision 2007) made this statement, with their face on their Facebook page:

"Get out of the way! Get out of the way! Get out of the way!

Standing and not giving up!

Never this lying naval will overcome our truth.

Help the army, help the terrorist and each other!

Go_A (Eurovision 2021)

The group Go_A who finished fifth at Eurovision last year in Rotterdam, have changed all their video thumbnails and graphics to share their messages of peace and to bring awareness to the reality of what is taking place in Ukraine to Russian and international listeners. Many other artists in Ukraine have also followed this approach.

One of those is O.Torvold form Eurovision 2017 who shared the aims of the campaign:

Zlata Ognevich (Eurovision 2013)

Zlata, who finished 3rd at Eurovision 2013 with 'Gravity', shared her message and experience from Kyiv. She asked people to believe that the war was real and that Russia was the aggressor.

"Yesterday morning I woke up at my home, in Kyiv, from a series of powerful explosions and did not fall asleep. It's creepy. We are in Hell, but We will survive! I appeal to all subscribers living outside of Ukraine 🇺🇦 Help us to convey the TRUTH to the whole world, including the population of neighbors who are being poured propaganda and lies into their ears!"

Maruv (Vidbir 2019)

The Vidbir 2019 winner who unfortunately did not make it to Eurovision, shared her thoughts on Instagram, saying:

"Russian soldiers, think! Military action and human casualties will not make people better or happier. All mothers need living sons, children need fathers, and wives need their husbands."

Other Ukrainian performers Svetlana Lobodova, Alekseev, Tina Karol and Melovin have all spoke out against the war.

A number of Russia Eurovision stars have also made statement of peace and "no war".

Sergey Lazarev (Eurovision 2016) stated on Instagram:

"I want my children to live in peacetime! I want to live and create IN PEACE TIME!

No war!! #Nowar"

Manizha from Eurovision 2021 said:

"This is the morning when you regret waking up. You don't know where to go, who to help. I sit on the corner of the bed and cry. I cry because it's not my choice. The current aggression is against my will, against the will of my family, I believe that it is against the will of our peoples.

There are Ukrainians in my family too. My daughter-in-law is from Ukraine. My future husband is half Ukrainian. My close friends are Ukrainians. Russia and Ukraine are not just two countries. We are relatives."

While Kristian Kostov, who lives in Russia, and represented Bulgaria in 2017 said:

"Imagine waking up and hearing “I’m sorry guys but the war has started.” I can’t believe that this is happening and I’m out of words. We’re NOT supporting this behaviour of our government and I’m truly sorry that we couldn’t stop it… Please, be safe! НЕТ ВОЙНЕ!" (No War)

If you want to help the situation in Ukraine, there are number of ways you can support here:


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