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Italy: Sanremo 2024 Results & Highlights - Night 3

The third evening of the prolific Sanremo Music Festival draws to a close. If you missed Night 1 and Night 2 and don't have a spare 10 hours up your sleeve to catch up, we've got you covered.

For those who are unfamiliar - the competition is held in the picturesque town of Sanremo in the North-Western pocket of Italy. Beginning in 1951, many of the best known names in Italian music took part as competitors, guests or composers. For Italians it is the music event on the calendar and will propel artists straight to the top of the charts.

Need a guide of how to follow Sanremo this year? We've got you covered here.

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The second half of the artists performed this morning during the five hour show - here are the provisional Top 5 results consisting of radio jury (50%) and televoting (50%) from this evening.


Top 5 Performances:

1st: Angelina Mango – 'La Noia'

A newcomer to Sanremo and taking the competition by storm. Angelina hit the Italian music scene by participating in 22nd of the talent show Amici di Maria De Filippi where she placed second. 'La Noia' stood out this morning for it's intense Mediterranean sound and stage craft from Angelina who really sold the whole performance. Truly delightful. She is absolutely killing it on YouTube and Spotify - can she take out Sanremo 2024 and become the first female Italian artist at Eurovision since 2016?

2nd: Ghali – 'Casa Mia'

3rd: Alessandra Amoroso – 'Fino a Qui'

4th: Il Tre – 'Fragili'

5th: Mr Rain – 'Due Altalene'

Iconic Moments

Russell Crowe made a guest appearance - when asked about other notable guest performers at Sanremo he mentioned John Travolta and then mouthed "what the f*ck", clearly unimpressed with his performance of the chicken dance on Night 2 of the festival

Mahmood was captured backstage meeting Ghali's back up....Thing? Hippo? Walrus?

Final performers of the night La Sad kept tradition alive by stealing Giulia Salemi's handbag during their performance - for those unfamiliar, Piero Pelù randomly grabbed a handbag from the audience in 2020 and it's now Sanremo lore.

This morning was the third night of the five day festival - the rest of the week will proceed as follows:

Fourth Night - Saturday (06:40am AEDT)

  • All 30 artist will perform covers of iconic Italian or international songs

  • Artists may perform with an acclaimed Italian or international guest

  • Voting will be televote (34%), combined press jury (33%) and radio jury (33%)

  • Results from the cover performances alone will be revealed, additionally, a provisional combined Top 5 ranking will be given taking into account all results from the festival thus far

Final Night - Sunday (06:20am AEDT)

  • All 30 artists will perform their songs for the third and final time

  • At the end of televoting, the final ranking will be drawn up, determined by the average between the percentages of the final evening and those of the previous evenings, which will establish the final ranking from thirtieth to the six position. The Top 5 ranked acts will perform again.

  • Votes will be reset. Of the top five in the super final - the winner will be decided by televote (34%), press jury (33%) and radio jury (33%).

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