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Italy: Aussievision vs. FantaSanremo 2024

The Aussievision team loves a good competition - FantaSanremo is no exception!

In the spirit of friendly competition, ten Aussievison team members have submitted a team to our league - may the best squad win!

Read below to find out the Aussievision teams for 2024.

What is FantaSanremo?

FantaSanremo is the Italian music industry version of Fantasy Football leagues. Players compose a 'team' by selecting five of the artists competing, appointing a captain and based on the competition results you either earn or lose points...with a twist!

To keep suspense - it is unknown to the players what exactly will earn them points until the competition starts! Additonally, Sanremo performers usually get quite competitive and will do all sorts of outlandish acts on stage just to collect the FantaSanremo bag (think Rkomi doing push ups with Amadeus on stage)!

Here are some examples of how points are awarded based on this mornings results:

Wearing sunglasses: +5 points

Standing ovation: +10 points

Barefoot: +5 points

Artist presented by co-host: +5 points

Performing after 1am: +10 points

Going to the crowd to perform: +15 points

Hugging the host: +10 points

High-five with co-host: +10 points

Placing in the Top 5: +20 points

Dedicating the song to a family member/friend: +10 points

Giving flowers to the conductor: +10 points

Wearing a hat or cap: +5 points

Enrico Melozzi conducts the orchestra: +20 points

Wearing a tank top: +10 points

Totally black outfit: +10 points

The Morandi - sweeping the stage: +18 points

Twerking: +10 points

Swearing: +10 points

Sitting on the stairs or floor: -5 points

Not descending either Ariston staircase: -5 points

Stumbling on stage: -20 points

Booed by the audience: -30 points

Each player has 100 'baudi' (FantaSanremo currency) to spend across their team with the most hyped artists being worth more and newcomers and Sanremo Giovani artists generally costing less. Debut artists can provide very good value for the discerned FantaSanremo player!

Watch out because the captain is crucial for the final evening where their points are doubled (both good and bad).

The whole affair is very tongue-in-cheek and extremely popular locally. The competition is open to international participants. If this sounds like fun, you can submit a team in 2025 here.

Meet the teams:

Which team do you think will take the Aussievision League? Can anyone dethrone myself - FantaSanremo champion of 2022 and 2023? Only time will tell. In such a competitive year - anything can happen!

Need a guide of how to follow Sanremo this year? We've got you covered here.

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