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Italy: Sanremo 2024 Results & Highlights - Night 1

Welcome to five days of pure-distilled-Italian-genius which is the Sanremo Music Festival! For those who are unfamiliar - the competition is held in the picturesque town of Sanremo in the North-Western pocket of Italy.

Beginning in 1951, many of the best known names in Italian music took part as competitors, guests or composers. For Italians it is the music event on the calendar and will propel artists straight to the top of the charts.

Need a guide of how to follow Sanremo this year? We've got you covered here.

All 30 artists performed this morning during the five hour show - here are the provisional results for the Top 5 consisting of print and TV media jury (33%), a radio jury (34%) and a web media jury (33%):


Top 5 Performances:

1st: Loredana Bertè – 'Pazza'

Loredana is back at Sanremo for the first time since 'Cosa ti aspetti da me' which placed fourth in 2019. She has participated in the festival a whopping 12 times and demands respect from Italian industry professionals. The performance was typical Loredana, iconic vocals with that distinctive gravelly sound. In the opinion of the team this isn't anywhere near her best entry at Sanremo, but it was enough to turn the heads of the press juries tonight...

2nd: Angelina Mango – 'La Noia'

A newcomer to Sanremo, what a wonderful debut entry from Angelina Mango. She hit the Italian music scene by participating in 22nd of the talent show Amici di Maria De Filippi where she placed second. 'La Noia' stood out this morning for it's intense Mediterranean sound and stage craft from Angelina who really sold the whole performance. Truly delightful.

3rd: Annalisa – 'Sinceramente'

A huge fan favourite in the Eurovision community - notably from her debut Sanremo appearance in 2018 with 'Il mondo prima di te' which placed 3rd. Annalisa enters Sanremo this year as the odds favourite for good reason - the performance this morning was all class. She is captivating and is just as good at pop as belting out ballads! Her vocals and stage craft are world class. Can she take out this whole competition?

4th: Diodato – 'Ti Muovi'

Diodato's memorable 2020 winning entry 'Fai rumore' was always going to be a tough act to follow. In the eyes of the jury, he is on track for another strong Sanremo result! Another large ballad filled with plenty of wanting, passion and vocal capacity. The latter half of the performance features quite possibly the most backing dancers in Sanremo history!

5th: Mahmood – 'Tuta Gold'

Mahmood is BACK...again! Most known for winning Sanremo 2019 with 'Soldi' and Sanremo 2022 alongside Blanco with 'Brividi'. He was one of the standouts of the night - 'Tuta Gold' has all the swagger of his biggest hits and composition-wise stands out amongst the upbeat tunes this year. For many online this was the performance of the night and I can't argue with them - this goes straight to my Spotify favourites playlist!!

Iconic Moments

Marco Mengoni performed a STUNNING medley of his greatest hits - including his Sanremo 2023 wining entry, 'Due Vite' and 'L'essenziale'

Sanremo veterans Loredana Bertè, Ricchi e Poveri and Fiorella Mannoia return to the Sanremo Stage

Dargen d’Amico brought the outfit of the night

Marco Mengoni and his various skits as co-host

Semi-regular guest footballer Zlatan Ibrahimović handed out collector cards of himself to audience members and host Amadeus

Performer Ghali had one of the most cursed costumes to ever grace Sanremo feature in his performance

This morning was the opening night of the five day festival - the rest of the week will proceed as follows:

Second Night - Thursday (06:40am AEDT)

  • 15 artists will perform their entries for the second time

  • Voting: radio jury (50%) and televoting (50%)

  • A provisional ranking of the Top 5 acts will be announced at the end of the show

Third Night - Friday (06:40am AEDT)

  • The remaining 15 artists will perform their entries for the second time

  • Voting: radio jury (50%) and televoting (50%)

  • A provisional ranking of the Top 5 acts will be announced at the end of the show

Fourth Night - Saturday (06:40am AEDT)

  • All 30 artist will perform covers of iconic Italian or international songs

  • Artists may perform with an acclaimed Italian or international guest

  • Voting will be televote (34%), combined press jury (33%) and radio jury (33%)

  • Results from the cover performances alone will be revealed, additionally, a provisional combined Top 5 ranking will be given taking into account all results from the festival thus far

Final Night - Sunday (06:20am AEDT)

  • All 30 artists will perform their songs for the third and final time

  • At the end of televoting, the final ranking will be drawn up, determined by the average between the percentages of the final evening and those of the previous evenings, which will establish the final ranking from thirtieth to the six position. The Top 5 ranked acts will perform again.

  • Votes will be reset. Of the top five in the super final - the winner will be decided by televote (34%), press jury (33%) and radio jury (33%).

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