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Israel: ‘Our Song for Eurovision 2021’ - Aussievision’s winner

The final round of voting for Israel’s national selection has opened as the final three songs and music videos were released by Israeli broadcaster KAN.

The three songs ‘La La Love’, ‘Set Me Free’ and ‘Ue La La’ were selected from nine hopeful demos and are competing in an online selection process to be the Israeli Eurovision entry for the 2021 contest in Rotterdam. The members of the Aussievision team have each voted for their favourite song in this final round of the selection. Which of Eden Alene’s three songs was Aussievision’s number 1 pick?

1st place: ‘Set Me Free’ (8 votes)

The winner of the first Aussievision team rank with all nine initial demos, this was the clear favourite of the Aussievision team. Read on to find out why it resonated so well with our contributors.

Wade: "Great bass hook, funky, upbeat, and very easy to listen to. I think this also has the greatest potential for creative staging. We saw Blåsemafian get through Norway's 1st Semi with ‘Let Loose’, and this song has a very similar vibe. To me this is the only safe option if Eden wants to advance to the Grand Final."

Fleur: "It was not my favourite of the demos but I really like the structure of this now. Of the 3, this sounds the most contemporary. There are plenty of layers to set it apart from other mid tempo bops. Set Me Free also showcases Eden’s talent the most and I think it has the potential to reach the final compared to the other 2 songs."

Dale: "Although at times it's a little Dua Lipa 'B Grade' this is definitely my favourite of three really solid songs. It enables Eden Alene to showcase her vocals and her ability to perform the hell out of an entry. I also love the Eastern touches to the production, the little hooks throughout and it's set up to be a great live performance."

Hugo: "‘Set Me Free’ is my winner from this selection. It stays in my head the most and the pre chorus is so catchy when the string instruments come in and I often find myself singing that to myself. I am slightly disappointed by the chorus itself, I feel like more could be done with it, but it’s not bad at all. Also I feel out of the three songs, this one is the least edgy, which may work against Eden, but as an overall package this is my favourite."

Ally: "Although I do like all the entries and would be happy if any of them won, this one just tops the class for me. For me, this is the song that makes me want to get up and dance and sing along the most, and the tempo changes work really well."

Laura: "This was a really tough choice for me as all the entries have their own strengths so I'd be happy if any of them won, but 'Set Me Free' is my personal favourite. It sounds very slick and polished. Lyrically, I believe it is the strongest song and musically I love the disco elements with the Israeli instrumental flourishes giving what would otherwise be a very 'cold' song some warmth and cultural flavour. There are plenty of opportunities for Eden to showcase her vocal talents and the key change towards the end gives it the lift it needs."

Ruby: "Overall this is the catchiest and most lyrically sound of the bunch (even giving some déjà vu vibes to a similarly titled Australia Decides entry), with the chorus and verses giving Eden plenty of space to work with. Additionally, the overall vision of the music video seems to lend itself best for any of the Eurovision scenarios, with a wide level of appeal."

Miles: "‘Set Me Free’ is probably the easiest on the ears of the three, especially since ‘La La Love’ refers to "infecting a generation" which just seems goppingly tasteless."

2nd place: ‘Ue La La’ (5 votes)

Eagle-eyed readers will notice that this song also came second in our snap poll with all nine demos.

Kyriakos: "‘Ue La La’ is a bop! It mashes up multiple music genres and languages which will break barriers. I see HUGE staging and choreography potential at Eurovision. Eden will be the party!!"

Mike: "This has the most impact from the 3 songs for me. It has a modern feel and should stand apart from other entries in Rotterdam. This also provides Eden with some really great staging and performance opportunities."

Guy: "The song is kind of sassy and cute at the same time and I think that makes it perfect. I like the mix of language, and it lends itself perfectly to the kind of dance orientated performance that Eden is so good at. Of all the choices, I feel like this is the one that is really suited for her - she has the voice, the moves, the style and the attitude to make it pop."

Liv: "It's tough because they're all a bit 'not quite right' for different reasons. I think all of them would struggle at Eurovision unless they pull out of their hat some Kate Miller-Heidke-esque staging feat. Knowing Israel's track record it's unlikely. ‘Ue La La’ has the classic medpop/latino vibe to it which is obviously a radio classic - I think it has the most potential and a few moments for Eden to show off her vocals."

Ford: "It's a really tough decision because I like all the songs roughly the same amount, but I feel like this one has more of a potential when it comes to staging, whether that takes place in Rotterdam or in KAN television studios in Israel. I can already picture a dozen ideas in my mind, whereas that isn't really happening for me when it comes to the other two."

3rd place: ‘La La Love’ (4 votes)

While this was not our third place in the initial polling (#JusticeForShoulders), ‘La La Love’ still scored points with the Aussievision team and it definitely still has its fans!

Steven: "Although I see the appeal of all three options, my choice is ‘La La Love’ - the catchy, more conventionally structured and sounding pop tune with a great hook and lyrics that will resonate with many who’ve been confined to their home in these pandemic times."

Cooper: "I can’t believe I’m saying this but ‘La La Love’ is definitely the one to send. As a demo it wasn’t my favourite but the slight rejig of the production really made it impactful. The COVID-inspired lyrics are still a bit awkward but it’s a truly fun song that is made for the Eurovision stage. The melody is catchy, the beat drop is fun, this song is right up Eden’s alley."

Josh: "The Covid inspired lyrics may offend some but I find them kind of endearing and funny. It’s a cute song that builds up and will please most viewers. I can’t see it doing particularly well though and it’s unfortunate that I don’t believe any of the 3 choices for this year are better than ‘Feker Libi’."

Emma: "All three of these songs would be worthy entrants in my opinion but ‘La La Love’ is my favourite of the three by a whisker. In parts it has a very 'world music' feel yet it remains radio friendly with a catchy chorus that you want to sing along to. The dance breaks lend themselves to some great staging opportunities. What a tough choice!"

Voting for ‘Our Song For Eurovision’ will take place on the KAN app, which is downloadable via their website. The winner of the contest will be announced on the 25th of January 2021.


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